Croydon Public School, 2012

Year 2 students in 2R from Croydon Public School in NSW constructed group poems, composing lines in response to a photograph of a tram they travelled on when they visited the Sydney Tramway Museum in the Sydney suburb of Loftus. 
The students assembled in a line at the front of the room and a random reading of their lines created the first draft of their poem. We played with the order of their reading by having them swap places in the line. This process helped to create a final version of their group poem. This transcript of their writing attempts to capture both the nature of their reading and the shape of their writing on the page.
Prior to this activity the students had been devising kennings, or riddle metaphors, to describe the types of transport they had considered during the term. Some of the students incorporated kennings for the tram into their contribution to the group poem. These kennings included rail rider, slow mover and track follower.