Annamaria (A.M.) Weldon

Annamaria’s work-in-progress is a book-length poetry project. Sanctuary, inspired by Malta’s Neolithic Temple Culture. She was recently the 2016 Artist-in-Residence with St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Malta. An eco-artist Residency at SymbioticA (2009) was catalyst for my essays, poetry and photographs published as The Lake’s Apprentice (UWAP 2014).

Annamaria has two earlier poetry collections, The Roof Milkers (Sunline Press 2008) and Ropes of Sand (Associated News, Malta 1984). Her publications include creative non-fiction, reviews and short stories. Credits for prose and poetry include the inaugural Nature Conservancy Australia Essay Prize 2010, the Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2011 and the Peter Porter Poetry Prize shortlist 2012.

Her work has been published in literary journals, broadcast on ABC programs Poetica and Short Story, anthologised (most recently in Purple Prose, Fremantle Press 2015), recorded for schools and adapted for multi-disciplinary collaborations in art galleries and on stage.