YWCA, NSW, 2013 – Student Poems

by Azza
Birds chirping from the treetops
wind makes the trees come
alive, don’t know if I’ll ever
hear the same noise again.
Never ever will I know.
The sound of cows talking
birds chirping, water gushing
and trees whispering, never again
will I hear this. Never again
will I be out here with
the peaceful noise of nature
blocking out the city roar.
by Andrew
You used to be much younger
until I started to realise
that I was the one who
wasn’t growing and you
were there all the
time until one day
I never saw you again
and then I knew that I would
never see you again.
Then I started to cry and
every night I wondered, would
I ever see you again?
by Bryn
Friends            Childhood
Family                    My innocence
by Matt
When we left that day we
never thought that we’d
never see it again, never
see the trees, the grass
or the rock, never hear
the wind, never hear the
silence of it again.
We never thought of
the smells, sights, sounds and
the tastes that we’d never
ever, ever see again.
by Quinton
with the burning flames of a
house under heat the disappearing
of warmth of wood and brick
disappeared into ash and rubble
it’s gone, disappeared from life
all that’s left is burnt remains.
by Kryton
Wedding cake
3 layer cake, yummy
It disappears into
my mouth, yum
I’m fat, yay

Where are my…
by Jacob
live my life for 2 years
Awesome Awesome Awesome.
10 minutes from the beach where
the bananas grow.
Broken dirt bikes
and school.
Family illness around.