Xavier High School, Albury, 2013, Student Poems

Xavier High School, Albury, 2013
Student Poems
The Scream
The lush green grass
covered in dew. The wet
freshness and heat of the
morning sun, it is a nice
change from the weather
of the winter.

The grass shines in the
sun like fresh salad
and the soothing sound of
the river on a magnificent

I scream to break
the silence and
relieve stress.

The water crashing against the
shore, birds singing, wind blowing,
leaves rustling reminds me of the
summer days.
The warm sun looking down, glistening
off the water
flower blooming, colours booming.
the tides coming in now
spring's coming to an end.
King Magpie
As I look up into the sky
I see the birds flying high
they chirp and sing
the Magpie knows he’s
the king.
I don not look around to see the river
I do not dare, but I do shiver.
My Poem
The river runs
my back is heated
by the sun.
The grass is so green
the birds are playing so mean
the trees are so tall.
Birds nest in them all.

The Air in Albury

Waking up in the middle of the night.
Silence surrounds me.
Wattle. Like dandelions, reminding
me of primary school.
Feathered saplings
supported by wood.
Children rolling
down hills,
hitting bumps
on the way to
the bottom.
The water running
down the river like
blood to your ears
when you’re hanging
upside down.

Fresh air is like
going to a new place
(Tasmania) breathing
air fresher than the air
in Albury.

Bird of Prey

The trickle of the river
lulls me near to sleep,
Ducks swimming in the water
leaving ripples in their wake,
the peacefulness grows with
every step I take.
The twittering of wrens,
the rustling of reeds, I…
Suddenly silently, something
catches my eye.
A dark shadow sweeping
down from the sky.
It’s coming at me,
I duck my head and run.
The birds wide wings block
the blinding sun.
I watch the demon shadow approaching
mine on the ground.
I finally reach safety when I hear
a strange sound.
Turning I see my friends laughing.
Nothing chased them, they are fine.
My eyes narrowed and smile widened,
oh, vengeance shall be mine.

Doomed to be a Dream

Waters hush, trees silent
and steady. The unknown
draws us near. Birds chitter
and chatter persuading our
eyes and ears to wonder.
Looking at course detail causes ‘I’
to ponder. The cascading clouds
and wandering water,
as the sun that beams,
the wind that sings and
the grass that tangos
is merely doomed to be a dream.


A for Effort

Even though Sarah though she was top
and her standard would never ever drop.
She had a bit of a blunder
when Rachel stole her thunder
and decided her poetry
should probably stop.

But Sarah was such a
passionate girl, she picked up
her pen and gave it one more twirl.
So she wrote another poem
that she was so excited to show ‘em.
But unfortunately it made them hurl.

The Butterfly
Withering, rustling, squirming
in a cage. Only my sense of
hearing and imagination left
to guide me. I wonder what
it would be like, a sky of
endless possibilities, with
clouds to catch me when I
Or a sea of rough and
torturing battles, questioning
my every move.

No longer will I be caged
in, protected from the
thunder and the rain.
Breaking free from my
cacoon, I shall spread
my wings in search for a
life I never knew before.


The life force, it had to
force its way in, forging
its path, taking
the surroundings with it.
At first a foe but now a friend.

Twisting. Turning. Ducking. Weaving.
Sacrifice one thing to save another.
at first a foe, rejected by all.
only to become ones best friend.

To fly like a bird, free as can be,
to ride the air and smell the breeze,
to laugh in the face of danger and fear,
to learn how to fly and play it by ear.
Stroke, swoop, slide, and sing.

Freedom is to love & kiss the air.
to slither like a rat as trapped as can be
to soak the ground and kiss disease
to shudder on paws and scratch like cats
to scavenge the depths of bogs
and crunch, claw, clip and cry.
Slaves forever as life is the night.

Freedom & life as luxury.
Dividing those in poverty.

The Rapid River
Smooth, soft like glass,
a river sweeps gently past.
Branches drift by so quietly
like dreams they come and
like dreams, they pass
moving down, out of view.

Hard, fast like thunder
a river sweeps violently past.
Branches race by like
nightmares destroying,
striking the roots
like lightning.

Bye Bye Winter

Delicate ice driven away
by the deep spring water.
Hibernating flowers
bloom creating tiny nests
for awakened creatures.
Slowly the trees grow
taller whispering
the new wind.


Bees and wasps flourish
as the sun feeds flowers
and plants. Carp glide and
dance through fresh water.
Children giggle and play.
The ice cream van is not too far away.
Gliding through the stream like
pollen dances through the air, the
carp inhales the nutrients of the water.
Children lap up melting ice cream
and mum & dad lay in the sun.


The River

Flowing, glistening, changing
shapes appearing and disappearing
on the surface, swirling and
moving. Down mountains
past farms.
A never-ending flow of life.


Watching the flowers blossom warms
my heart inside,
smelling the air is such a sweet delight
watching the river flow feels like
it’s never been like this before.
The trees look happy,
the birds are chappy,
feels like winter has been
and gone.

A Message from Nature

The grass is greener,
catching our sight
the river rising higher giving us a fright.

Can you see the hedge
growing over the ledge?
Is it that it’s trying to reach
out to us in a heap?
The water flows faster,
could it be running against time?
The birds whistling louder, is everything just fine?


Warmth will seep
through the clouds
and it will chase away
the bitter cold winter
new life will arise
from the soil as spring
calls for its presence.
Leaves will appear
to clothe the naked trees
which had been lifeless
all through winter, and
they will greet the gentle sun
and the calls of songbirds
which will tell the world of
the transition from winter into spring.


It felt tiny.
It was always being told
what to do.
It felt like it was being
dragged down like the
current in a river.
It decided to take control
of its life like the captain of a boat.
It became happy.
It always knew that
it would go up,
growing like a tree.

Blossoms Await

Still awaits a bare tree, lonely
and sad. The sunshine no longer
prevails, so the tree become dreary.
Slowly within the veins,
sweet buds form. Nature
calls them to spread to grow.
Within the days of sunshine
and warmth, blossoms
cover the tree like a blanket.
Now full of joy and
colour, the tree harmonises
the scenery of nature.
But slowly as the sun fades,
the petals drop, silently,
despairingly to the depths if the earth.
The tree will wait eager
for the reuniting of its
beautiful companion.

I look up
the sun is blinding
but the soft grass that surrounds
my body
like clouds caressing me,
comforts me.
The birds chirping takes me into
my own new sanctuary that
no-one else can find.