Who – Nola Taylor

Who brought you here ?
November lilies on the verge
before Jump up Creek
and the curve around Bluff rock.
Not by accident
Like someone dumping garden waste.
nor by design
like coreopsis seeds scattered from a train,
but in remembrance,
being a funerary flower after all,
of those killed along this stretch
– and beyond.
Public opinion was in denial, “always was,
always will be “few listening too.
But with truth going unrecorded,
a message written in weeds
might later be read as evidence
That this is “Aboriginal land”.
While painting “The Lilies”
my rag -ged finger extracts superfluous oil.
A space …….
For two ghostly figures to manifest
And survey a slick of road, lately modified.
The RTA has a policy of by-passing place.
The high way burns
and here in my studio
titanium white melts glacially,
while the lilies in my bin
rot between beer cans
on invasion day twenty fourteen.