Whimsical Sketches – Number I – Joy Reid

Afternoon, 25th September.

Today I walked
with you
through the streets of Melbourne –
dream-soaked, soft-spoken, inattentive.
Caro walked on my left, while you,
my darling,
strolled invisibly visible on my right.
The Plane trees made whimsical attempts at promenade shade,
webbed platypi paws stroked billabong skies
greening light.
I glimpsed you up there, Puckishly perched
amongst the sturdy, thigh-wide-sky branches. You poked out your tongue.
Dried seed head clusters
bobbed kernel-nodding agreement – yes, spring’s the season
for cavorting in trees, well before
birds brood and Swanston Street breeds obligatory blue fairy light festoons.
You made me giggle (you always do) pulling a naughty face
as we climbed the steep, knee-cracking stairs
to lunch at Gopel’s
where lavender walls swirled with lotus motifs
and a nose-ringed, saried waif serving curry as dinky di as a Shirl or Kylie
had evolved a Mumbai accent to support Kristna beliefs.

Today I walked the streets of Melbourne:
Drizzle-dampened, body aching, whoozy from lack of sleep.

I was so happy.