Wetlands – Group Poem

I see birds flying like planes,
ants moving like cars.
Birds diving like dolphins.
The sound of wildlife buzzing
in my ear. The birds singing
to the animals.
Ducks diving like dolphins for food.
The smell of poop fills the air lie someone popped off.
The grass makes me itchy like someone sticking a needle in my leg.
The sounds of the birds chirping as they fly.
Ducks diving like dolphins in a muddy wetland.
When you feel the grass it feels itchy.
The sound of cars sounds the rumble of an earthquake.
The taste of the grass is like beans.
The water is calm and relaxed, you see.
Ducks diving in for a feast, to feed.
The touch of trees and grass, you feel.
The sound and sight of it all to know.
I see the ducks diving like dolphins and birds flying sky high.
I can hear the cicadas song and the trucks engines roaring.
I can smell the mud the water.
Dead leaves lying everywhere their dry cracked bodies breaking in the wind.
I can see the water hens playing in the water, feeling the flies crawling on to me, hear the insects buzzing by.
Listening to the cars drive past, as I watch the water move about.
Smelling natural air and feeling the poking grass on my back.
Ants crawling underfoot.
Smooth water as soft as silk,
spoonbills diving looking for food,
reeds swaying the breeze.
The smell of wildlife is like being at a zoo.
The ducks diving like dolphins
is like at sea world but we’re
still only in a wetland.
The wetland smells like fresh salt water on a beach.
The continuous noises from the wetland sounds like a rainforest.
The wetlands, a place of peace
like the water in its lakes.
Like the soft sounds of cicadas and birds on a quiet day.
A small breeze blowing softly against grass and trees.
The clouds moving slowly like time itself has stopped.
Ducks diving like dolphins.
Birds flying like planes.
Ducks whistling your name.
Crows with their silly call.
Tractors rumbling on and on.
By Zac, Luke, Christina, Jarrod, Trent, Abbey, Kaylah, Stephanie, Anton, Cindy, Brittney, Kiana and Cooper.