‘Wave Rock’, by Tara

Towering over me,
A breaking tsunami of granite,
A thousand shades of bronze and beige
Gold from the sun’s reflection
Resting my hand against its cool surface
I feel the bumps, the cracks, the imperfections.
Swallows circle through the infinite skies,
A cacophony of trills and warbles fill my ears.
I imagine.
Years ago, this strange formation
Thundered through the dusty plains
In hues of darkest sapphire –
Destroying, devouring all in its wake –
Spitting sea-spray, foaming white
Gathering itself before it fell
Preparing to crash onto the world below
But it was stopped in its tracks.
It never made its grand exit.
This blanket of rapidly shifting azure,
Once so flowing and alive,
Transformed –
To cold, hard stone.
Harsh gales blew with all their might
With the entirety of their power;
Beating against it again and again,
Scarring it beyond repair.
Still it stood.
It refused to fall.
Torrents of rain poured
From the skies –
The dark clouds wept, as if with broken hearts.
Raindrops smashed against it;
United with one mission-
Wearing away the stone,
Forming lines and cracks,
Creating flaws and imperfections.
Still it stood.
Now it stands, sobbing silently,
By unknowable time passing around it.
Its mighty head is bowed,
For someone –
Something –
Anything –
To rescue it from its fate.
The power of time could not destroy it.
Now it is doomed to forever pay the price.