Unhappiness – Colin Mullane

I am angry because the world is angry.

This incredible, life-giving place is dying.

The human virus invades it;

tears at it, breaks and destroys it.

Humanity is insane.

I am sad because humanity is sad.

This remarkable, intelligent species is hurting.

The disease of selfishness infects it;

too many, too poor, too ill.

Humanity is inhumane.

I am worried because my nation is worried

This prosperous, free democracy is stalling.

The politics of nationalism drives it;

god, Queen, flag and country.

Humanity is a bane.

I am ashamed because my peoples are ashamed.

This beautiful, rich diversity is fading.

The rise of monoculture derides it;

assimilate, integrate, fit in.

Humanity is the same.

I am fearful because my family is fearful.

This safe, free space is disappearing.

The threat of hate pervades it;

taunts, bullies and bashes it.

Humanity is a crime.

I am unhappy because I am unhappy.

This amazing, promising person is breaking.

The wind of doubt erodes it,

whips, cuts and thrashes it.

Humanity is to blame.