Timid Couples – Erica Weatherlake

stranger and steamier
              in this neck of the mangroves
the yards
              deliciously un-mown,
river lapping the heals of mango trees.
timid couples
turn into fragile families.
the wax and wane of sleep hygiene &
nosebleeds. banana sandwiches, visible in the throat
                 during February lunches long ago.
the swampy flats sink to accommodate
 three bodies worth of growth spurts. 
               beneath lethargic summer stars 
the hum of invisible light planes
               colours in
the pre-dinner silence of later years.
               siblings paled by the first acrid
swig of body, on train trips home
from the city on Sundays.
three bedrooms deserted to natural shadows stalking
the post cane fire evening air.
all memory submerged now
               by sand blown inland from the wind shrunken