The Vast Blue – Kathryn Riding

In the rare air of Timbuktu they once again tried to make sense of their troubled relationship.

She walks out into the soft clean air of the desert
the sand is silken under her feet
she feels as if an unseen force is moving her
as if she could go on forever
in the distance
nestled before the shadows of a rippling erg
she sees a small Tuareg camp
blue men against golden sands beneath a rose sky
she has the sensation she might still be dreaming
one of the men is crouched next to a fire
fanning coals with a miniature velvet slipper
he offers her a thumb-sized glass of tea
the sugary sweet mint sends a message to her brain –
I love you and you love me, nothing else matters, nothing at all
when she returns they lie together and watch the moon
a fine white arc disappearing into the vast blue.