The Scots College – Year 9 Students

What If?
by Angus R.
What if we could leave all we despise behind,
breaking free of society and gaining the courage to rise?
What if we knew more of the outside world?
Only then would we have the vision
to step out the front door.
What if we were in a cocoon, just waiting
to break free, leaving all the troubles we need to flee?
What if we were free to be free
to feel what it’s like to have faith in ourselves?
What if we were time bombs just waiting
to explode, and as we explode,
we are escaping as far away as possible.
What if to do this, we would have to leave
what we love most?
Would our hearts cry and scream,
or would they yearn to fly?
What if these words are just words
and the dream is just a dream to be dreamt
in the slumber of my sleep?
What if we were scared and didn’t like
what we saw, if we would rather stay
in the corruption here,
rather than find peace out there?

What if out there is like a tropical fruit,

so sweet that the journey is worth it?
What if we just have to be a bit brave
instead of fearing our own grave?
What if out there is what I need
and out there needs me?

What if?

The Pain of the World
Callum S.

We disappear when icebergs turn to water
we disappear when all that is happening is slaughter
we disappear when we put our rubbish into the ocean
we disappear when we turn the air into a potion.

Our world is filled with pain and suffering

and all we care about is our internet buffering.
We’re preoccupied with the stuff most don’t own;
we could be helping others but instead we just moan.
We could visit the less fortunate and donate some food,
but we don’t because too much dinner put us in a bad mood.
Over here, we only look out for our sons
over there, they have forced children to hold guns.
Over here, we worry when we don’t have too much
money in our pockets
Over there, they worry when they bleed out of their eye sockets.
by Max R.
Disappearing friendships are always bad.
This happens, don’t be sad.
If you stay calm, I’m sure
you’ll be fine and kind.
Just don’t be blind, you will never
have a lonely time.
Friends will come and go,
but your mind will never flow.
Never be scared to get out of bed.
If so, make sure you raise your hands
above your head, and everyone else
will be up for the fight.
You will be respected and protected
by the ones who were once neglected.
Now you can do this;
life is complete.
Please note the best memories
will be the ones with the people
you once completed it with.
by Anas S.
Fear, make it go away.
Let the pain disappear.
I’m all alone in the dark,
make the light appear.
Fear, it’s fast. It’s slippery
it’s black with the intention to scare;
I’m surrounded by it,
feeling like it wasn’t fair.
Fear, I’m surrounded by it
feeling sorrow and wanting to cry
my head rushing
feeling like it wants to fly.
I’m under my bed
yelling to go away
but it’s always there,
blocking my way.
My mum comforts me,
making the pain go away from me
I liked my mum with me,
it made me feel free.

I am happy now,
not feeling alone
finally now wrapped in my mother’s arms
I can always find home.

My Tinnie
by Matthew Z.
The island lies 4km offshore
The island lies away from society
and its problems.
Sunday’s are my favourite day of the week
and the islands as well.
I travel to him on my loft, ship
We lay together hand in hand,
the waves tickling our feet
and the sand squelching between our fingers.

It’s the day of the week
neither of us have worries
and learn to enjoy the little things.
On the rainy days I sit under the tree
and listen to the sound of ever incoming waves
and the pitter patter as the water brushes my find
Saying goodbyes are always hard
but in the end of the day I know
next Sunday I will be back. I push
my tinnie into the water. The smell of dry salt
hits me.
Smells like home.
A home of warmth and comfort.
I drive home, back to a home
unlike the one for this home
where there is no relaxation,
Just hard work, judgment and grades.
A part of life I think I could live
with less of.
by Michael M.
There’s nothing else to see now
before I saw a ghost
who said “Oooo, you can’t see me!”
I stood there in awe in the shadowy night,
two hours before the sun could reflect
and make light.
I was tripping ball after the event.
My friend called Kev said,
“What‘s happening, Ben?”
I looked at him in clueless frustration.
The ghost that I saw was just
a hallucination.
I was going insane as I felt a silly pain.
It was the ghost. He’d come back once again;
he was sparkly, silvery, and almost invisible.
I said, “Who are you?”
And he replied,
“My name is Jonesy and I am a pin
I only bench 30 at the John Solomon gym
When I was born, I was a terrible disaster
then I grew up, foster and foster.
Getting to the point where I was a pin,
my only other friend
was weights at the gym.
I can bench 40 now and going higher, and higher,
With my ripping abs I didn’t want to cause a fire.”

Save the Environment

by Charles K.

The green house gases are polluting the air

and this is going on absolutely everywhere.
The massive sinkholes in the heart of Siberia
are showing us that stopping it isn’t getting easier.
Politicians just talk, talk, talk—they’re just verbal diarrhea.
If we don’t stop soon, the environment’s going to disappear.
Save the environment, that’s my mantra
and it means a lot more than just normal Ozzie banter.
I came close to death in Year 3.
I was in NZ and the temperature was 40°
I was just swimming on the beach with some blokes
when I fell asleep on the beach
and almost got a heat stroke.
I fell asleep with no sunscreen on
and felt like I was sitting on a ticking time bomb.
You should be as green as you can possibly be
and if everyone does that, there will be effects,
I promise, you’ll see.
The environment is our friend, we don’t want
to pave it alone.
The environment is on sale, and it’s going,
going, gone.


by Marcus A.
free to be
free to be me
free to be when I want to be me
free to be me where the whole world can’t see
free to be me where the whole world can’t
see smell, touch hear, or taste the essence
of being free
free to be free from a world where freedom
is sold cheaply
I need to be free from this world, this world
that treats freedom like a discounted cheap toy.
“Sell you life and soul, half price,
buy your freedom.”
So in a time where freedom is a lie
sold with life,
death becomes, and if death
is the path to being free
then it’s death it will be
death to be me.

by Maxx P.
The children cry.
The children cry, cuts and bruises
the children cry, hungry and malnourished.
Commercials flicker
children, men, women
but were in our own world of money
selfishness and greediness.
Some people give, some don’t.
Children cry.
Children cry, cuts and bruises
children cry, hungry and malnourished
crying, disease, rotting and hungry,
The bubble needs to get popped
and the blood on the ground
needs to evaporate
so that the world is equal.
The world needs to go through a wash
and get cleansed of its sins.
Why should they perish, why should they
starve, die, and rot?
If you’re not going to help,
pull your heart out. Equality
is what the world should strive for.
Not children suffering around the world
whilst we sit in our couches,
eating, enjoying, and living.

I Vanish

by Salon E.

I vanished, and nobody cared,

no photos or memories to remind them.
I vanish from a world run by corruption,
greed and power.
I vanish from a world once pure
but now full of pollution,
death and destruction.
I vanish into a world of clarity and tranquility,
but fragile as glass panes crack beneath my feet,
Falling down, back into reality,
I realize you cannot escape the world we live in.
To live in a world of fear and hatred
is all we can do. 

The Breeze

by Demitri H.

The breeze floating through my ears,

the breeze floating through the trees.
This is where I want to be,
the trees as green as I want them to be.
The breeze is like Chinese whispers,
soft and smooth.
This is the place I want to be in,
the breeze with the trees.
The breeze is as fresh as it can be;
the rustling of the leaves is from the smooth breeze,
I walk through it day by day. It is never to be seen.
We use it everyday.
The breeze is my day.
The breeze is in your day.
by Jock M.
Michael was a boy of simple taste.
He wore blue sweaters and used Colgate toothpaste.
He saw a joke in every situation
and broke every single limitation.
This was Michael. Although lately,
something has changed
like a wombat infected by mange
instead of sharing his beaming smile.
His expression would appear as cold as tiles.
Michael used to be fun,
until the devil stole his sun
I like you Michael, I really do.
But I feel like you are just not you,

A Box of Chocolates
by James M.

One by one taken away,
one by one fewer each day
growing alone slowly but for sure
feeling cold wishing for more
sadness interrupted only by a sight
of yet another pulled into the light.
Most don’t talk, walk or even think.
While a select few don’t find it safe to blink.
Even though we used to have fun,
we now barely ever see the sun.
For now our age has taken its toll
and we soon will be nothing but soul.
Until then we survive, trying
to create a world where the future will thrive.


by Harry T.

Why do we have to die?

Dying is just a waste of life.
Day by day, millions take
their final strides,
go to bed that night.
Lay down and die.
Why do we have to die?
Yeah, it is just a way of life.
What is the point, though?
Is there any point?
Is there any cure or prevention
if God is the reason,
can he make us pure?
Why do we have to die?
People have thought they can live forever,
But not even Christ our Savior could live forever.
Most people haven’t even thought
of this topic at all but above all things,
it is inevitable.
Why do we have to die?


by Joe T.

Every morning Jonesy waits for me.

How long is he going to be waiting
outside the clinic? When I arrive,
we go inside the clinic.
The water is at low tide.
We grab our pull, waiting
will we are ready to go. We are done
but the pill has begun.
Sister thanks us for our bravery;
this pill is not savoury, 
We walk down the little ramp,
down the corridor to find that we now split.
It feels like I’ve been nit. 
We wait for the Concerta to kick in
as it starts to begin.
We lose our natural self
to a boring pill called Concerta.
It’s a bad disease that nobody can tease
because ADD is the way to be,
Harry does to the gym while I
start to dim.
We are now trapped while our concentration
is mapped. Our brains have been tapped.
We turn. It’s not reassuring.
We are ADD.

by Trent L.

Sitting on the beach,
waves rumble as they hit the sand.

The tranquility arrives in my heart,
nothing could live up this day
by myself, all alone, no one to talk to;
just listen to the waves.
Getting up from the smooth silky sand
as I walk the sand squishes underneath my feet.

The rocks ahead are as big as a sky scraper.

It looked like it was hiding something
I couldn’t climb up.
It felt like it was letting me down.
Nothing to do, so sitting
on the beach again.


by Finn D.

I disappear quietly,

quietly and swiftly.
Up the driveway,
down the road
across the highway behind
my once favourite shops.
As quiet as a movie,
as swift as a snake.
I disappear from the city,
leaving no trace.
It all begins now. The great race.
I pull up now.
I had to do it.
I needed to leave
every minute was spent dreaming
for this day to arrive.
The plan had been planned.
It had been too long.
I’ve been stuck here for far too long
the walls caving in, trapping me,
forcing me to stay,
my problems and worries leaving me.
I disappear.


by Will T.
I disappear like the far mountains
fading away through the fog.
I drive and drive till I see nothing
in the rear view mirror but trees
and blue sky. Driving away from the city
is like saying goodbye
goodbye to cars, lights and the polluted air
goodbye to all the memories, friends and family
I’m sick of all the lies from the people with power.
They don’t deserve anything; they are all sour.
I look for a new life away from everything.
Who could have thought that leaving
was so menacing?
I turn around to the right way,
realizing the country was gay.


by Jaiki P.

I disappear into a world free of judgment.
I disappear into a space in my head.
I disappear to a place where the sun sets.
I disappear away from dread.
by Filippo M.
I loved that place.
I loved the memory of the excitement of daily life,
the feeling of having my family close to me
the memory of looking at the house
that looks like a tree, silent and tall.
The memory of looking
out the window
reminding me of freedom.
The perfect place where everyone is equal,
until this happened: the news that we
were leaving.
Slowly the ocean, the one
that smelt like freedom,
became a misty thought.
Slowly, these thoughts disappeared.
I loved that place.
But now I love  a better ocean
on a new land to look at.
Into the Bush
by Lachlan V.
Going into the Bush,
pack weighing me down
on the day I called
a sweet, summer crown.
Tripping into the bush,
falling over my heels,
pack keeping me down
my skin tearing like a peel.
Falling down the bush,
pack rolling me down
crashing into trees,
looking like a clown.
Camping in the bush,
cooking up my food
in my metal can,
making something crude.
Scary stories in the bush,
reciting them myself
hoping that tonight,
they won’t be behind myself.
Sleeping in the bush,
soothing nature sounds
rolling in my tent
with snore goin’ round.
by Joe K.
The glaciers, an arctic mystery,
the giant blocks of ice shaven off
like slices of cheese
and smash the water like two trains
colliding and creating he waves
that rock the boat.
They rise over skyscrapers
like an elephant would a pea,
on the icebergs, seals relax
with their big bellies facing the sky.
Others pop their head above
the near-freezing water,
their little black noses resembling
those f puppies, their tiny eyes are confused.
Disappearing From Life
by Will J.

I sat in my room, fearful and confused.
Fearful of the pain in my mind and confused
why this happened to my son’s life.
Life is like a maze—you never know where
you’re going. I guess my life rain straight
into a wall of fear and depression.
My son did nothing to deserve death.
I dread the thought of him slowly
suffering the pain of fatality.
I feel as though I have nothing
to live for as my son was the only thing
keeping me going.
I finally made the decision
to disappear from life.
I disappeared
using a sharp-bladed knife.

The Warm Waves of Curl Curk
by Andrew C.

As I slowly dunk my head under the saltwater,

I realise how warm seawater can be.
My friends come because they want to;
I come because I have to I need to…
I feel as though without it, I am nothing.
My board is my paintbrush
and the waves are my canvas.
Every powerful slow cutback I do
adds a new spray of colour
to my everlasting painting.
The coral life beneath me slows
with the current of the swell.
The seaweed sways in time with the waves.
I love the feeling I get when I exit the barrel
and the only thought going through my mind
is whether this is the life I want
or the life I need.
Surfing is how I live.
Surfing is how I escape.
It’s Time to Go
by Calum H.

Knock knock
The door cracks open.
“It’s time to go.”
I’ve dreaded this moment for a while.
It felt as if my heart had broken
for the last time. My feet embrace
the smooth black tiles.
The car door is open on the way;
I pick a flower as a token.
The walk to the car across the pebble
-drive feels like a mile.
On the ride to the airport, I see the things
I’ve come to enjoy. An Earl Grey tea poster,
an Aston martin zoom past.
I remember the day I came,
still only a boy, arrived to be stunned
only by the lights blast.
We arrive and see the planes gliding like toys.
My time here has gone by so fast.
by Ethan B.

Air rushes through the city,

letting the smoke flow like that of a river.
The metallic sparks shooting
from the ever-growing city
full of glass and concrete castles
scraping the sky, well above the clouds.

Storm clouds everlasting in the sky,
a stagnant sea of grey.
Lightning strikes, hitting a building
creating sparks of beautiful
crimson, green, and gold.
The city never laying still, cars rushing
down streets with no known location,
a population to match the city’s size.
Rubbish litters the back alleys,
filled with wasted resources.
Rodents scurrying to find food
to feed their young. Mutations growing
in sewers from all the unknown waste,
polluting the world. Pollutions linger
in the city, trapped like the lives
of those who depend on the resources
it provides.
A Sound from an iPod
by Josh M.

As I turn on iPod,
all I can hear is the sweet serenity
floating through the air.
I reminisce of the first time
I heard that sweet sound.
The lyrics so profound,
I can’t help but be empowered.
As the chorus hits adrenaline fills my veins.
I am not bewildered; I will not refrain.
I miss that sound
that was so profound.
Once I find my iPod,
I will enjoy that profound sound.
Time Disappearing
by Oscar L.

Time, what I used to have

Time, what used to mean play
Time, the thing that has disappeared from sight
Time, the thing that gave fun to my life.
Time is what is forever disappearing
for everyone who has time will lose it.
Time is a one-way train about to hit
bang smash stuck on the train;
can’t get off. I’m in pain
because I know if I get off the train,
I will be left behind
so I stay on time.
by Finneas F.

The little boy I used to be

is no longer.
I don’t play with action figures.
I don’t get lost in the supermarket.
The thrill of the little backyard adventures
are no longer full of thrill like they used to be.
Well I guess that is part of growing up.
Under the Sea
by James F.
Under I go,
mouthpiece in, tank on my back.
The land disappears, but now I see.
See everything:
rocks with fish
coral with the kelp
fish following paths in the land
like cars on city streets.
As I dive down, I pass
the apartments for fish
and find myself at the bottom.
There I lie.
Small fish surround me,
colourful and small
large and bland
absorbing me
making me one of them.
As I rise, I pass the apartments
full of fish and corals
branching out like the rocks
on a red wood.
As I surface,
I feel the cool brick air
hit my face.
I know where I am!
by Matthew W.
I’m a drinker and not proud.
I stumble out of the bar.
I think of how much money I’ll part with
to get a new gambling machine for the owner
as I get in my car, tires spinning on the tar.
I drive for a while, perhaps a mile,
when I’m stopped by, uh-oh,
a cop.
He gets me to blow into a pipe.
I tried to run but I was slow
He pinned me down, took me down town,
took my car and put me behind bars.
Now I’ll never get that new machine
for the bar.
by Archie P.

The ability to react under a second

the feeling of the wooden stock hammering
into your tense shoulder
the hope that you haven’t shot too late
or too early.
As the dogs zip through the air
as if they were eagles,
but they are met with an incredible force
and shatter into oblivion.
The smoke purrs out
of the end of the barrel, as the shells are pulled
out and placed by another.
I Disappeared
by Oscar A.
I disappear from everyday life
and a normal routine.
Seven hours of class
and the same food from the canteen.
Sick and tired is what I feel;
all I want is a good day
and a great meal.
I can hear the waves
from my front lawn.
I hesitate
whether to go or not,
after all, it’s only the break of dawn.
I grab my board and run down the road.
There was a hole in my day
and it just had to be sewn up.
I ran through the soft sand
and straight into the water.
My day was complete and in order,
free of responsibility and work
and now, just a smirk.

In the Past
by Henry B.

In the past the fields wore carpets of green, not red

in the past I called the same home
in the past I could walk
in the past I could see
in the past I lived,.
Now I am but a shell.
by Harry T.
The free world has vanished
before everyone’s eyes.
One, two, three
the hustle and bustle
of modern life has taken its
costly, costly
toll. Silky smooth simplicity
erodes from modern day society.
Escape harm and pain.
Strive to reach the outstanding feeling
to fade into the crowd and out
the other side.
The vigor of being pushed and shoved
into a place full of slavery and poverty
having confidence to the slow, torturous
death it deserves.
This is reasoning to disappear
into your own, free world
where all races, religions are received.
No slavery pulling itself
into the cruel, curel hands of sinners.
This pain is hard to stomach,
like walking on legs left when you were five,
then coping the blame for the agony you’ve caused.
That sock is too small compared to the messy world
of war that still punishes the innocent
for acts committed not by them but by others.
This is the world to disappear from;
this is the world to forget.
I Remember a Time Where it Used to be So Easy
by Tom S.

I remember when I was away from judging eyes

I remember where I was told to reach the sky
I remember that I could believe I could be on TV
I remember that hope that I could do anything I wanted
I remember the time I had hope
I remember that hope died, just like how it had arose
I remember when it was encouraged to be different
I remember the times I got shot down every time I try
I remember people trying to trap me in a corner
I remember how much it made me want to break down and cry
I remember being told to hide my emotions
I remember them being trapped in a metal box
I remember all the times I tried to get out
I remember all the drama, screams and shouts
I remember scoring for the code
I remember all the outbursts when I’d explode
I remember getting picked on like a dinner plate
I remember all the jokes and the hate
I remember all the times asking why
from there I never thought to reach the sky
by George S.
They disappeared from the land
and went to  a place of sand,
 aplace where waves would wash
a place where things were more posh.
No more to world with sleep,
he went to buy a jeep
no more cattle and dust
no more will his car rust
He disappeared from the land
to the city when all was bland.
The country didn’t suit him;
he was too much of a pin.
The country boys didn’t see
that the city was the place to be
when he left in his van
they know he wasn’t a tin man
He arrived in the city that night.
He looked around and nothing was right
he realized the city was gay;
he went back to the country the next day.
by Jack M.
Rowing is a sport that requires power
rowing is a skill you need to develop
rowing is more ensuring that most tennis matches
rowing needs more strength than tennis
rowing is a sport that requires power
rowing is more technical than tennis
towing is using more muscles than tennis
rowing is great to have races in
Rowing is fast and can make people powerful
rowing is a sport that is better than others
rowers are better than tennis players.
Tennis is a sport for pins
tennis players make noises so people think they try
Tennis is a sport for people with no other option.
by Matteo M.

So this is it, I suddenly have to go.

Just like this I guess.
So everything I have been doing
here I will lose
We moved on together
and we did it.
Vanishing Hope
by Charlie H.

I vanished

I vanished into the unknown
I vanished into the misty nothingness
I vanish from the hurt this world has caused me
I evade the bright lights searching
I dissolve slowly into darkness.
The darkness consumes me.
Hope is an illusion
ripping apart the lives of many.
Do not give into the hands
of unforgiving hope.
From all I know,
I vanished.
by Dany R.
Life, a sharpened knife.
Life, the great disappearing act.
It drags down anyone,
and when it’s about to hit
you’re already gone.
It’s almost as if you were never born
where do we pray when it comes to the
judgment act
when god should be sacked,
pulled back into the bloodied tracts,
the creators of this game
a toy to make us maimed.
All the same to us,
if it means fame.
It surges upon the neck,
the waves climbing over your mouth.
The last thing you see is that
there was nothing anyone could be
except the clones of the hones that led the charge
the ones that were on the barge,
yelling and screaming
instead of dreaming
of the utopian world.
There is no light
if all you do is fight.
Disappearing into a regular life
by Hamish G.
I disappeared, I disappeared
from a life of slavery and despair.
I disappeared from a place where people
are treated like wild bears. Why did I leave?
I wonder. Basically to escape all that thunder.
I wanted to disappear into a regular life
everyone is treated equal.
I had a dream of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech.
I wanted to teach. I wanted to live a good life
and teach in a school. We are all alike,
black or white.
by Rhys C.
I’ve disappeared.
I’ve been sent away from my own god.
I’m not in trouble, I have to go,
but I’m leaving everyone behind…
to their own devices.
The bones of old everyday are now
stars twinkling in an unreachable galaxy.
I can’t reach and touch them.
They can only reach for me.
I’ve disappeared
not for an eternity,
but long enough to hurt me,
I dream now not for holidays,
but for a regular routine and home.
No more big things in life,
it’s small things that make it.
We all take it for granted, but it’s true.
I I sweat a slick stream of fluid
in the morning.
I slosh through the rain
but is the experience meant
to make us or break us?
‘Cause it’s breaking me.
I’ve seen so much,
but the bad evens out the good
and I’ve missed as much as I’ve seen.
Letters pour in like the rain.
I read and rain of my own pours.
This experience has split us and split me.
Disappearances can be good,
experiences an be good
but causing splitting is not good, especially
when someone’s heart is at stake.
I’ve disappeared from home
but wonder what everyone else thinks.
Do they feel detachment as well?
I awake in the morning, under the rafters
up high in a bank. No more morning smiles,
the faces instead groan with the prospect of morning runs.
I’ve disappeared from so much
and now I have to disappear from where I am.
I focus my mind and get busy,
but only one glance reminds me
I’ve disappeared.
by Winston G.
The King once sang
memories pressed between the pages
of my mind, makes me try to think
of my pre-school times.
The friendship I once had
with my kindergarten best friend
has now found its way to the very end.
People who I once knew have moved on
to different schools.
My memories empty like the ink out of a pen,
memories which I once treasured,
memories that I now forget.
I Disappeared
by Tom G.

I woke up stone cold in my bed,

a cold and intense pain rushing through my head.
I can’t get up. I’m too tired and sore
from the kitchen I hear my mum:
Get up and do your chores.
I fall back to sleep and dream about life.
Where there was no pain or suffering or strife.
I disappear from what I hate most
I disappear from a place on the coast
I hate crime and pain I see
all the time, it’s always on me.
They hit. They kick. They make me sad.
No one cares about me,
they all think I’m bad.
On the coast I’ve been set free,
I can run and go out with them
not criticising me.
I feel normal, but only in this dream
but in life at least, I have my team.
My team is my family who I need and hold,
but now I’m still in bed and now,
I’m not so cold.
by Lachie K.
Happiness is the thing that keeps us
going on in life.
We wake up everyday
with the rich treasure of family.
All the valuable goods give us purpose in life.
Is life a privilege or a right?
We get perplexed and dazzled at times,
can’t control out emotions.
Happiness gives us a taste
of life to come.
Happiness is everlasting,
even when we disappear
out of Earth.
Back Then
by Nicholas M.

Poof! The man he once was

now forever changed.
Looking back now,
it went so fast
but within seconds,
he will never be the same
It started off well,
 a few rough spots but still smooth sailing
and looking ahead.
This continued for the next few years,
becoming clever and smart,
it just became easier.
But then recklessness began to set in.
2/3rds in it was looking good;
success was in sight.
Just one last push to finish it off,
only seconds away from the thing he desired.
Then like a stab from behind,
there was nothing he could do
but watch it all crumble
as the sirens rung.
Confused and angry, off he went
as the metal bars closed to seal his fate.
There’s nothing to do now,
but to think about what he would change.
I dream…
by Angus R.
I dream from school and the city
I dream from reality and routine
I dream from what’s wrong
and focus much more on what’s right.
I break reality because I can
where things flow in any direction
where feelings and emotions aren’t justified
where they happen because they can
and they can because I dream them to.
The life outside a dream is lived day by day
where decisions are based on rules.
The life inside a dream is filled with imagination
where the pursuit if happiness is truly met
where the days aren’t determined by the sunset.
Anyway, I’ll finish with the notion that I dream
because I can, and no one can stop me.
What do you dream about?

Disappearing is a Gift
by Luke B.
Disappearing is a gift,
a gift that has a price.
You must leave your house and wife
to disappear through the night.
To go to a place with no materialistic values,
but only the values of life.
To live without judgment
To live without strife.
by Jock T.
Disappearance and doubts will end.
Disappear because of hope and faith
that you are a reason and the reason you are
is to one day disappear.
Today things are made to last,
so please tell me why
there are minimal things of the past.
It all happens to all thoughts and objects
as simple as a tree.
A tree that withers to eventually be chopped down.
The tree, chopped down, is transported as logs
the logs are simply fed into a machine
or a burning fire.
The fire which will die down and soon disappear
only leaves a trace of ashes and fear.
Disappearing is no choice,
it happens to all
so don’t just live your life,
Leave a legacy
Leave a trace
Leave existence of you in this place
‘cause life is not eternal in this mortal form,
so don’t waste any time
in the classroom or in the dorm.
You can’t run
you can’t hide
you can’t dodge
you just vanish
so have hope in your heart
and don’t just fake the part.
Because you are special
and you make your choices.
So don’t live for yourself,
but take advice from other voices.
So when your time comes to disappear,
don’t disappear into darkness
and an obsolete mist. Disappear with a reason
and a ticked-off bucket list.
So tell yourself:
I do not disappear for my safety
I do no disappear to escape from fear
I do not disappear because of people
I disappeared and left not one fear.
by Max R.
Rowing down the river
with all my mates with me
Rowing down the river,
sweating and dripping,
and the Finish line was near to me
Rowing down the river,
I pulled and pushed
with all my heart
Rowing down the river,
I was about to pass
and that’s when I knew
it was my last
I crossed the Finish line
with my hands high.
I’m feeling tall, unstoppable;
we’re the champions.
After the race, we went down
to the canteen to look
at the flat water, a sheet of glass.
Looked down at my hands and saw
my battle scars, my blisters.
I reflected on the day,
remembering the crowd cheering.
by James H.
Whisked away. Come.
Driven out like an unwanted one.
Make some new friends here,
make some more; in the end,
It feels like a chore.
Sure, there’s lots to do.
I’m busy as a bee, but something
here just doesn’t complete me.
Don’t get me wrong—there is still fun.
It’s not like I’ve given up
and I’m already done. At this place,
you can really feel nature’s touch.
The valley is beautiful;
“It doesn’t rain very much”.
We can go running, biking and hiking.
Some boys have even been struck
by lightning. I guess my family
do still love me, for this is a place
where life lessons are learned.
Although I don’t know why they sent me,
I just hope that I am still yearned.
Running Around
by Nic T.
Running ‘round, dodging what it shows
to only realise that it only disappoints me
from left to right and alley to alley.
Only to reach a valley in the distance,
only to reach an instant life
when I’m breached with a sharp knife.
To come back to the populated world,
all to curl up into a little ball and roll,
only to roll forwards to the end.
A Place to Call Home
by Ripples A.
The mountains, a paradise land
where deer run wild and pristine creeks
flow like a child.
Mountains one more than a paradise,
they are a place to call home.
They stand proud, silhouetted
against the melting sun, like a picture
painted in paradise.
Herds of deer roam wild
as they return to their mountain kingdoms.
Standing majestic against the lush valley,
sharing happiness is the changing way of freedom.
Because I know that there is no Wi-Fi in the mountains,
but I will find a better connection.
Emotions run wild and free, like birds flying high
the clap of thunder beating down upon me
was like the clashing of antlers I could hear
high above me. This is the land I want to call home,
the place I’d rather be.
As the mist rolls away
and a lone working dog barks
against the coming down
brings a new day and a changing horizon.
This is a changing land that should never go,
because in the distance of our lives,
this is the place I will always know.
by Alex W.
I came to Glengarry in the middle of a valley,
not really knowing what to expect,
or who to respect.
I hadn’t planned for any fun or given thought
to the funds my family were willing to pay.
I came to Glengarry to find
I had 18 new brothers who all miss their mothers
and are in the same boat as me.
For some, this is easy to deal with
but for me, it’s as hard as stone.
But I’ve learnt to be as strong as a thighbone.
I hope to reach the finish line
and continue on with my life’s show.
by Oliver W.
lying down in my bed
listening to the music in my head,
I’m thinking about home: Sydney.
Thinking about where I could be
sitting, drinking a cup of tea.
Six months, that’s a long time
but with the experiences
it’s worth every dime.
I won’t disappear to another place
where I can sleep and rest
that would be the best way from all
the rest, just thinking.
I’ve said and done some things
that I regret but that’s part of growing up.
You learn, you live
sometimes in life you hit things head on
and you have nowhere to go,
you have to face them
with courage and understand what it means
to know you’ve down something wrong
instead of denying it.
It’s no way to live your life.
You just have to keep think


by Daniel P.
Gone, everything gone.
Friends spread apart like sand in the wind.
the enemies I once had are now just a memory
such good times in the present, but it’s the future now
at this moment I’m lost but then I was found.
Everything I knew about me is history.
Everything I could have been is nothing but a mystery.
My dreams back then, go to the NBA
but now I’m just praying to continue to play
My dreams and thoughts are all being crushed
While society stares me in the face and kicks up the dust.
Gone, everything gone.

Moving places
by Xavier R.
I’m moving places all the time
finishing my homework, line after line
change of environment, changing my life
giving me a different  view on our world
Moving places, to a valley to see something new
experiencing something I’ve never been told to do
Home was a place full of safety and love
knowing people would help me and direct from above
but now that’s all gone and I have to
think for myself.
I know if I try I can stay in good
Moving places all the time
improving every day and loving this new life.
Learning new skills wherever I go
and understanding what I miss about home.

by Connor Y.
Bounce, bounce, bounce, all day
Long. It never stops. My life
Is a basketball with it’s ups and downs.
Once you step on that court, you
escape from life. You leave your
problem behind and focus on your job
at hand. To the squeaking on my shoes
to the sound of the net swishy.
It gets rid of all my problems
like I’m back home.
by Charlie B.
Oots Oost
running down the sideline
2 trucks are running at me
I was dodging them like land mines
The try line is all that I can see
Oots Oost
I was holding the ball as if it was gold
I stepped, spun, swiggled and swirled
I got hit hard and started to roll
The pain was so much it was the end of the world
Oots Oost
I ran towards the ruck
It wasn’t as bad as it seems
Oots Oost
The ball went swiftly along the back line
The ball was for me to run
I knew the moment was mine
The crowd was cheering me so loud it sounded like
a firing gun.
Oots Oost
In the corner I scored
My team surrounded me
The crowd started to roar
Oots Oost
10-12 it was my shot at goal
it was for the win
I knew I could get it, was in my soul


by Damian A.
We disappear to get rid of technology and phone
We disappear to create our own homes.
We disappear to learn and discover.
We disappear to recover.
Society has its ups and downs
but its development moves around.
Society is full of bugs
That ‘inject’ you with all kinds of

by Matt P.

We disappear from society to find
We disappear to escape hatred.
We disappear to escape violence
that surrounds us like a fence.
We disappear so that we can be at peace.
There are so many problems with the world
we just need to escape
to what really matters.


by James Z.
We disappear from everyday life so that
We can enjoy ourselves. We disappear.
We disappear from the
Ones we love and hate, despise and
date, so that we can escape.
Escape from the speeding cars
and school because its too
hard. We want to escape so we can
find out who we truly are
and what that means. We disappear.
For some of us that means
Disappearing from the spot-
Light into the darkness of the night
so that that stars may look down on us.
But for me,
Disappearing is all about enjoyment.
We disappear.
by Tom C.
We disappear to get away from our
Way of life. We disappear
because it takes painful
problems out of our way of life. Sometimes
it can have a painful effect like a drug
on our way of life. We disappear as
it takes away our tears from our way of
life. To get away from life sets
us free to be whatever we want to
be in our way of life. We use this in our
way of life to be the best that we
can be in our way of life.
Your way of life is more important
than the disappearing way of life.
That is why we disappear, in our way
of life.
by Daniel G.
We disappear to the beaches
we get to the sand
somehow we see peaches
all over the beaches.
But then people are banned
from the beaches.
We swim back towards
the shore
getting out of the water
and then entering through
the car door.
We drive away not knowing
what the day was today
because we were so relaxed today.
We had NO intention about tomorrow.
We stopped to eat, but
then noticed people harvesting wheat.
We asked where can we get some food,
he said there is some
by the bay.

We Disappear
by Will D.
We disappear to live a life of being alone.
We disappear because we want independence.
We disappear because society is sick.
We disappear to live the life we were
made for.
Disappearing can be our saviour
it can completely change our behaviour
we don’t want all of these fancy things
we just want nature to teach us
to be our guardian angel.
Our society is sick
It’s like it has a giant tick.
We need help to recover
We need to learn and discover
We disappear to love a life of being alone.
We disappear because we want independence.
We disappear because society is sick.
We disappear to live the life we were
made for.
We disappear to be ourselves.
To do what we were made for
Have Mother Nature look out for us
If we do this we can recover
and the maybe live forever.

Things I wonder
by James S.
I thought it was an indigo,
its a silver, why is the sky
Why are pineapples spiky?
Why do all threes have leaves?
Surely there is an explanation
For all these weird colours.
There are these birds outside
and they look like ping pong balls.
Why is light from the sun yellow?
Why yellow and not any other colour
it could have been?
Blue, green , yellow, red.
To me there has to be an answer.

by Matt L.
Visualise charging a massive
snowy mountain, visual flying,
now put the together, going down
the mountain you have to fly to
survive or suffer.
Disappearing in the snow is what
Makes you keep flying, you might
Do it for the dough or you might just want fresh
Visualise disappearing to the
smell of snow or the touch or
taste or sound or sight. In the end
it all comes to mean the same.
The thought of disappearing.
The thoughts that are in our
Heads or in our hearts. The thoughts
That we act about or the thoughts
That trouble us are usually the
Thoughts that make us stay.
But the thoughts that we act
about are the ones that make us
disappear. They might take us
to different lengths, lengths
that you might not be comfortable with.
It might be surfing a 10ft wave or it might
be swimming with the biggest fish
in the world. But at the end of the
day its all about disappearing.
Think about this
by Charlie W.
Think about this. Think about a world
with no humans, no pollution, a world with
no order. Think about
a world without people, no killing,
no war on land, no borders.
Think about this.
Wouldn’t it be a great place?
The world would be
better without the human race.
All grace, no rat race. No
haste for the things we chase.
No greed, no lust, no envy.
no-one with their hearts heavy.
If we all disappeared, would the
world last? The universe would
improve and fast.
Animals would live, trees grow, the water
won’t rise and rivers will flow. Global
warming would be halted in its tracks,
these are all facts.
Think about this. If we disappeared
we wouldn’t be missed. When we leave,
they won’t be pissed.
They won’t mind, dog, fish, tree or cat.
Think about that.
Getting lost
by Dylan T.
We disappear to be part of the unknown
to get away from our homes.
We can’t be waiting whilst
we’re escaping. Tim is slipping away
while the trees around us sway.
The soft grass like a soft carpet
if only we could live in it. 
We disappear to get out,
To get away from the norm, to
go into the storm. We disappear
to be alone, to break free
of our comfort zone.
Society is messing with our fate,
all we could do back then
was just wait.
No we are free listening to
the soft static of the forest giving us
a sense of glee.
We disappear to get
lost at whatever cost.
Discovering new things we
just can’t wait to see what it brings.

We Disappear
by James W.
We disappear from home to be alone.
We disappear from society to sit silently.
We disappear from the light into the night.
We disappear from the vice to the smile.
Disappearing is like a rollercoaster
you never know where it will
take you.
We Disappear
by Aiden B.
We disappear to get to our place,
running away from everything
we ever faced. Running with the wind,
ever so slowly, along the way
we write some poetry. The skills
we have learnt, from time to time
make our poetry beautifully rhyme.
The universe has never been explored,
But the things we discover will
Be adored. For the greats that have parted
Will have predicted the
Future, that lies in our hands,
and will be
forever remembered.

We Disappear

by Lucas B.
We disappear for the good of people,
because I take innocent children’s lives.
I despise the size of the
population rise, it grows and grows,
causing crowds in places
making less and less of resources.
The race is on for
the world to realize the struggle
that will arrive with all of these problems.
Problems turn into disasters and
mass massacres.
We disappear
so that peace is maintained
and stays the same. That it does
not make the world as we know it
vanish like a jet plane.
We disappear so that problems don’t
Arise, the population stays the same size.
The rise stops and the problems subside.
We disappear so that children
can keep playing. It’s the real way of living
for the greater good.
I miss my Grandfather
by James M. 
I miss my Grandfather. He was quiet
and didn’t do much.
He was more of a fuss than anything else.
but I still love my Grandfather.
I miss my Grandfather,
he was a dormant man
he looked rather woozy
no-one new he was packing the Boozy.
I miss my Grandfather,
He was a good person
Sadly he was often cursing.
He was always happy to see me.
Sometimes I was ready to flee from he.
The only thing was I met him once.
I miss my Grandfather.

We Disappear
by Josh C.
The pollution is making wildlife
disappear. So we go to Glengarry
and wildlife appears.
Every Friday we go hiking
and experience it all.
We do this to enjoy wildlife
and appreciate it all.
We escape from family and disappear.
We escape our comfort zone and
a new world appears.
We learn new skills so we can stay
safe in the outdoors.
In the outdoors we can have fun.
When we escape from our comfort zone
we learn to be done.
The world unknown
by Gus M.
We disappear from the big city
to find ourselves.
Go out into the world unknown
Be without a telephone
Venture deeper, to find out our purpose.
The real reason,
not just what appears on the surface.
We disappear from everyday life
To be alone and break free of our comfort zone.
Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad.
Sometimes it bring happiness
others it brings us sadness
but that’s okay.
Sometimes all we need is a bit of role-play.
Once of the things most cherished in my life is sport,
the other is support.
I receive this from family and friends
and whenever I hit a dead end in life
they turn me around and send me in the
right direction
whenever I have a different perception.
We reappear to enjoy life’s wonder,
These include activities such as
cricket, rugby and tennis.
This is my happy place, this is where
I belong.
Killing time
by Costa T.
60 seconds to a minute, 60 minutes to
an hour, 24 hours to a day
I’m talking about time
the time disappears everyday…
at least you could say
the long list of history
could stay a mystery
if you didn’t talk
talking is key
to keep the future happy
talk about the kiss by the sea
or the little boy who scraped his knee.
These little things are part of time,
the time that seems to pass by
so quick as it passes
don’t miss it, its quite fast.
In the distant mist
down in the abyss
your history stays a mystery.
It’s only time that can save history.
New Life
by Tom M.
I’ve gone to start a new life
New, friends, new home, new fight
Different places, different focus, but not a different me.
I’ve gone to start a new life
Out of my comfort zone.
Trying to find a brand new home
hearing the quiet groan
of someone being beat up at my old home.
The one thing I don’t miss
is coming home to find
something stolen.
I’ve gone to start a new life
and the one I found was
better than the one I left behind.
The never-ending race
by Billy R.
The gun goes off, splash the
paddles hit the water.
Powering through the surf as waves
smash onto the bow of the ski.
On this certain day one mistake could
cause mayhem.
Crash as more waves hit the ski.
A monstrous wave appears on the
As he moves closer and closer he grows
with more fear.
Metres away he realizes his ski has
broken. He yells ‘Oh God!’
The wave hits him with all its might
crash as he topples into the open sea
-the worst place you could possibly be.
Whack as the paddle knocks him unconscious.
This was his fate, never to be seen again.
Natural world
by Nick B.
I go into the cave out of
the natural world. I squeeze in
my body is now curled.
The rocks are course walls all
Surrounding. I turn on my torch
and look ahead, its astounding.
I finally succumb to my hands
and knees. Crawling
deeper and deeper through.
I try to relax but suddenly
I feel the dust pollute my throat.
After I finish this I will
Deserve to gloat.
They tell me ‘turn of your light”
but can  I muster up the might?

Disappear from everyday life
by Jake
We disappear from everyday life
to be alone, to break free of our comfort zone.
We escape from school to be cool
but behind our backs people
Think we’re a fool.
Whether we’re acting tough
or playing rough, there’s always a
time to pull yourself back up, and
say no, that’s not me, I’m not
mean or reckless, I’ve just been
living in a dream.

by Charlie B.
Footy, footy, footy, that’s all
I want to do. I’ve played
since I was two. Every weekend
running down the sideline with
a smile on my face. All day every day.
The whistle blows 2 steps back, 3 across,
bang it’s all over.