The New Noah – Edgar T. Vagg

Time is the teacher.

The sky is the preacher.

Man is the leacher.

Modernity is the breacher.

Natural is the poor creature.

Falsehoods are a feature.

Don’t do do do do glad to meet ya.

This boat is a Beacher.

Don’t spark if you have to get on the ark.

Lineup over there near the chair.

Plants, you can go and get well rooted. Only vegetables that are edible are eligible. You’ll be spotted and potted and protected by moats from the goats.

Here is the law once we are offshore.

We will cut the throat of the goat who breaches the moat.

We’ll have methane meters on the over-eaters.

Males fouling the gene pool will lose tool.

Fowl flock found flying and fleeing will all receive a tail dock.

Crows must refrain from saying ark ark ark all the time.

Perhaps you could just mime.

You see, most of us haven’t done maritime service and will be a bit nervous.

This band don’t want to be constantly reminded that they are not on land.