The Lyric

Scrambling the red brick of second-stories

pigeons fattened on wayward crumbs

cast from apartment balconies

light of sky in their eyes

saw silver screen behind hoarding

ghost crowds

heard splash of organ music

seeping through loose masonry

I will scale the updraft

where sound-sleepers wake

shearing corrugated iron doorways

piecemealing sounds from nests and rests and regrets

and queuing for tickets in outing best

I did not know you – until you were gone

knew only the pigeons

but when the wrecking-ball arrives, hardened

to sing us through the air

I will wrap myself in a raincoat of forgetfulness

as applause fades

and pigeons scatter to the sky

Lyrics Theatre_Mlebourne_Disappearing_place

Pigeons perched on the Lyric Theatre