Sydney Mardi Gras – Jenny Owen

Poetry is Art..
What rhymes with Art is Tart..
Tarted up is what we all were on the magical evening of Sydney Mardi Gras.
Across the road from  “ Gilligan’s Island “
Our first of many smorgasbords of delight and pleasure,
Watching the sights whatever the weather
Dykes on Bikes , feather boas in full flight.
Bare flesh passing, pressing and pashing
Works of art on colourful floats mimicking and mocking,
Sequined gowns and glamorous women
Gorgeous boys with chaps –
                                         –    Who wears short shorts  ?
U have given me countless pleasure
Deep down inside my soul
You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever known.
You’re passionate, caring, loving and giving
You whisper you Love me – my head’s still spinning !