Sweetheart’s – Annerliegh Grace McCall

This poem contains language and references regarded as ‘Mature Content’. Reader discretion recommended.

Her breast 

 Over rib cage

And garter

On oil-slicked skin

Stocking sheathed in salt

The other breast




When caught unawares

In unflattering light

Men patrol 

Achingly arched tendons

Peel back her lust

Like rolly papers

Keen streets whistle

Her siren-sound departure 

A map of veins 

In blood

Lacquered silver

Under a street lamp

The brittle concrete

Of angel dust 

Stolen rings 

On agonised wrists 

Silver never gold

Finger to lips

Half ruby-slippered

Stumbling down the stairs

‘Better than falling down The Rocks’

You laugh

5am eyes wide

In the bed of Angie or Angel

Any girl-woman 

Wild, wasted and beautiful 

In the half light

Shoulder straps 

Luminous as teeth

Peel open silver foil 

And fly