St Philip's College – Student Poems (Yr 9)

by Angus
Dust flies upwards, dirtying my face
with hot dots. I stand in this almost barren
land, sun shining upon this only plant.
it stands tall, light finds it hard to
move its way past it. I sit at its trunk
and try to drift into a world of bliss. a sound
contends me as I try to enter. I look up, it’s a
bird. it’s a crow sitting, the sun shining
off of it. I look at the bird, it looks
at me. sitting all on our own. it flies
off and I drift back into my world of
by Benjamin
Dark shadows jump from one to another. Moving fast from
night to night. Rushing, moving, avoiding. Light jumps, swiftly
following Dark.
by Daniel 
Australia is so cool, it is dramatic
and up a spot, Dot is a
spot who is a Dog who
drinks cordial at 3
on the dot, spot has
a frog who sips Toads
from a pond, frog has
a toad who sits
on a mat, sips too
much, will now be fat,
said Johnny who is a
cat who sips out of
a tap at a dam,
damn said Johnny who is
a fat cat who
sits on a mat and
drinks out of a tap.
I’m sad, my cat, spat
frog past the drink,
didn’t want to be fat and
sit on a mat.
Spot had a pal who
drinks at 2 on the spot
said frog as frog was
sitting on a log
at the pond and so
did the cat who sits
on the mat at 2:00
as cat sips drink out
of a tap, kids run
and play til kids fall
and now hot, so tall,
Cat sips blood
from fat kids all.
Morning Snow
by Elliot
Morning snow, running around
the fog, cool wind brushing up against
my fingers. It grasps always at
your soul, you inhaling its
sharp, peppery chill, cooling you from
in to out. Taking hold of
you. It’s in all walks.
The sun fails to warm
the snow, that morning snow
falling on the ground.
by Max
Whirring, shifting thoughts
morphing constantly, sporadic
mood swings without no
conscious mind of its own
dramatic and calculating
can not be still, always
by River 
I am bound to this world
Though not found I surround all
An illusion in plain sight
But you don’t know my tricks
Try and you shall fail
A ploy to fool minds
I am all,
I start and finish,
I am day and night
I am nothing