St. John's Catholic High School, 2014 – Student Poems

Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
For my son,
For my daughter,
a world enlightened.
Not to visit the Old White House
and have the view decided.
Not know a divide,
just respect and unite,
To preserve the natural world,
the natural state of us all.
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
Environment, alive and strong,
No longer in danger.
Not a memory, not rare,
not hard to remember:
peace for all
an idea I adore.
Poverty no longer exists,
a problem in the past
and acceptance for all
people and cultures, I hope
it comes fast.
by Anonymous
The chains, the bind rattle and hiss,
bolted fast to stomach clenching cliffs
Fists of heartless lead rasp and clank,
wrenching clumps of hair
with a sickening yank.
You brought this upon yourself
You locked the door
and threw away the key.
Not on purpose, I warrant,
in all sincerity.
But nevertheless, you are the cause.
There is no other blame, no other source
This is no way to live, no way to be
Take a blade to those chains
and set yourself free.

by H. Millsom
Layers of solidarity, based
on oppression, a lack of care.
The layer that built a nation,
but are they really fair?
I want  a future that’s bright
and fluorescent.
A new layer of love and concern,
not based on self-impression.
I want consideration,
respect and kindness.
We are the future leaders
The pioneers of tomorrow
and we care enough to find it.
A better tomorrow, a new layer
to define us. We won’t be haunted
by our past, but we will let it guide us.
by Anonymous
We are captivated by the future
the possibility of ourselves
and expectations of others
Sunset draws together aspirations,
yet the dark presents our doubts
We demand change.
Change demands to be felt,
but changed begins first with ourselves.
What I Hope for the Future
by Anonymous
I wish for the nature and places
to stay where they are,
no erases.
This beautiful spot, we need
to take care of our homes
and no more war.
And leave nature alone.
Letter to the Future
by Chloe A.
Dear Future,
I hope that all the Aboriginal rights get better.
I also hope that people don’t use religion
against individual rights. And I hope
that I acknowledge everyone
– Chloe A.
by Anonymous
World controlled by robots
getting smarter, only to create
something so they can take
the easy way out,
killing our survival needs.
If only people could see
that all they need to do is stop
the violence and protect and cherish
what we have, and not what we need.
Learn to live as one. Equal.
Achieve something in life,
not become slaves to our couches.