Shoalhaven High School, 2014 – Student Poems

A Message to the Future
by Laurinda Bailey 
Today I hope the world is free
of anger that spills into action
that wounds like chainsaws
cutting through forest,
that the heartrate is that of peace,
not anxiety that swells rapid fire
and constricts.
I hope there is solitude and silence
filled with a multitude of bird calls
hollows that house lives
and insect paths undescribed.
That there is laughter and kangaroos
relaxed at midday.
by Anonymous
Culture lost
Homes destroyed
It’s time to make a change,
bring culture back.
The land is all of ours,
share it equally.
Keep peace, land, bush,
humans alive.
Black, white
it doesn’t matter.
Treat people equally.
We made this world
the way it is;
we can change it
We can’t do it alone!
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
To my future,
I hope my future in the next few years
turns out to be a good and bright one.
I hope to achieve all of my goals
such as pass my HSC and get the job
I have always wanted.
I hope to go to university
and become a midwife, which has always
been one of my dream jobs.
I hope to be a happier and brighter person
than I already am today.
by Felicity
I hope to have a family
and find the love of my life.
I also hope for my family
to be happy and be proud of me
and respect what I want to do
in the future.
I hope that all of my hopes and dreams
come true. I also hope
to be healthier and fitter.
I hope they come true
Felicity xx