Revolving Restaurant – Autumn Royal

The restaurant revolves, the tablecloth is stained, the chicken is feathered, the television-eyed waiter rude, the air conditioner blows artificial air into bone, the significant other speaks of hypothetical long-distance relationships, the headache is born, the fish eye gawks, the toilet door glides away in a clockwise motion, the bloody wine is bitter, the water is evaporating, the mind is stationary, the restaurant revolves, the tablecloth stain dampens, the chicken’s wings start flapping, the television-eyes blackout, the air conditioner provokes an arthritic twinge, the significant other speaks of repetitive unfaithful actions, the headache grows legs and stumbles across vertebrae, the fish eye winks suggestively, the toilet doors have disappeared into the clockwise motion, the bloody wine has dehydrated speech, the water vapour forms an aggressive cloud, the mind hasn’t moved from the place it was when first seated down, the restaurant revolves.