Oxley College – Year 9 Students

Ellie B.

Disappearing, fading, all is lost.
What used to be got taken away
Jobs, homes, trees, destruction—
others thought it was for the best
but they were wrong. Now it is a
national park where people visit,

Jasmin W.

In the middle of a forest in Costa Rica,
an abandoned boat lies deeper and deeper
with the Costa Rican National Park that once
belonged to the people’s heart
but now logging has been forbidden
so the abandoned boat remains hidden

Georgia C.

Old boat, no people. Why is there a boat
and no people?
Because that boat is in a jungle and those
people disappeared.
Rusty, falling apart, ferns slowly climb it.
Surrounded by greenery lush and full.

Claudia W.

On the land of Costa Rica
now stands a national park.
An abandoned boat sits helplessly
but saving the land from logging.

Charlie D.

The forest is turning bad
The industry is burning,
it’s sad. The people are
disappearing, now the
island is eerie.

Ethan H.

Why is there a boat here?
It is on land, only showing the
evidence of people that were here,
taking the land  away from Mother
Nature and living with their criminal jobs.

Jasmine C.

Abandoned in a world of green,
nature now taking what once was theirs
this crumbing man-made house is seen

Georgie W.

Old and rusty, surrounded by green
once floating down the rushing stream
overpowered by Mother Nature.


Old boat sitting alone,
floating on the leaves
like the jungle is one
great big ocean and
the crew have been
long gone for

Olivia H.

The jungle is disappearing right before my eyes,
there is no one left, not even the guys
It has become a National Park,
now it will keep the bark on trees

Dana C.

The boat stands tall but damaged, invading
the natural world, uninvited
claimed by those who sent it
the crew has abandoned a sinking ship.

Best D.

Gone, no one left but
a soulless heft
once floating in the water,
now no isn’t even a hoarder.

Best D.

The highway of my ignorance,
the limit of my inner city and yet
on the highway , this mess always.
Forever the gates.
Fear falls, astonished at the depth
in which childhood goes, because
nothing lasts forever, just waiting
for the voice of authority.

Lauren B.

Empty, lifeless
damaged and weary
it was once alive, I
can see it clearly.
Other life has avoided
it and grown around it,
but the dead boat still
dies a little bit.
Disappearing down
my inner highway of
fear inside, where
Creation, what has the
piped into the
voice of authority.

Celena Y.

The silence of the derelict boat
plagues the lifeless forests.
A wall of emptiness surrounds the
boat, never to be broken through.
Where there was once life,
there is now death
breaking apart bit by bit.
the forest coat.

Sheridan L.

Highway of my ignorance,
limit of my inner westy roads
40k school zones disappearing
The first day of school, the fear
at the gates; so many stories,
because nothing lasts forever.

Valentina A.

Change, adapting difference,
something we all experience
to survive we gotta learn
by the knowledge that we earn

Kate F.

Once a job is done,
now just empty space to rome
once a place where trees fall,
now abandoned but safe.

Tom H.

There once was a boat
it used to sail on a moat
of an epic kingdom of forest.
The moat ran dry,
the boat did die and
oxidation and fungi
caused it to rust,
decompose and rot

Sam R.

and black forever

Ryan M.

Lush trees and broken boat,
national pride stopped the boat
logging industry trying to stay afloat.

Harry M.

In the midst of forests
lays a rusty old ship
it ain’t got no mast
‘cause the loggers stole it…
Yo yo!

Harry C.

The forest is changing people.
Is all we care about making a profit?
What about our humanity, man?
Do it for the animals!


In the green forest lay
a broken boat;
it can’t be replaced
because the loggers
broke it.

Ashley V.

My job has disappeared,
I can’t do it anymore
green leaves and lush grass.

Jonty G.

it’s mean, it’s not clean
it destroys all the green;
the boat’s green and not

Magdalene D.

Alone here I stand,
nothing here, not even one
grain of sand.
This used to be happy
and fun, now just
abandoned, lonely
and done.

Amber T.

To save some things,
other things disappear.
My job is gone, along
with my happiness
and wealth. I’m stuck
at a dead end with
nothing to do.


There was a boat
and it didn’t float,
because of the goat
that wore a coat


The boat may be abandoned,
but nature is its friend
the future of this boat is
hard to comprehend.
Mitch L.
Nature your only friend,
doomed to a lonely end.
Moss, vines and algae flourish;
your life is gone, it’s your turn
to nourish

Zac L.

The boat never sank that day,
until its old owner floated away

Zac L.

Disappearing my ignorance,
the limit in this school;
there is an end to this mess.

Tyrone W.

Disappearing time,
this mess the first day
where  creation disappears,
nothing in the black terror and
exploding until freedom,
insecurity, sharing words
waves, stones, timer
not quite ready.

Angus W.

The boat disappears out of
nowhere, taken over by nature
with the sun shining on the left
side, infested with animals.

Lachlan B.

Disappearing down the highway
of my ignorance. This city, and yet,
and yet 40k school zones stay
on the highway.

Jenson B.

I was free on the open ocean,
cared for and nourished,
used to my limits I was the ship
of the village.
Look now unloved, unnourished
and lonely, I have been taken hostage
by the advancing army of the strategic
forest, bullied and taunted by the trees;
I do fight on, waiting for my rebirth

Mat M.

They took their things and
left without remorse or sorrow,
they moved on.
But deep down is there
still a hope in which this boat
called home

Sam P.

Slowly getting devoured
by nature; slow, never-ending,
the boat struggles to get out but
nature stole the water from
the boat.

Sam P.

Car dive,
gates sign in
dreaming freedom
space transformed.

James S.

Slowly getting devoured
by nature’s slow, never-ending
war; the boat strains and
struggles to get out.

Louis C.

Disappearing down the highway,
the limit of my five years, an end to
Always inside, go to class where
lives stories, answer question,
childhood goes, the connection
it all disappears.
Nothing lasts forever.
Every classroom, just waiting for people
Time, my terror
Recess is exploding with ideas
puzzled dreaming linked freedom

Oliver C.

It’s cold, it’s dark
it’s silent but creeky
I’m sad, I’m lonely
I’m scared, but sleepy
It’s fast, it’s loud
it’s moving, it’s sinking
it ends blue and wet and starts all over
it starts green and lush and starts again

Ben P.

Rotting away, being
swallowed by a green monster
like an infection, it spreads throughout
Nothing left but a shell,
I sit alone, waiting for someone.

Thomas B.

This vehicle is imprisoned
by land, its broken form
unable to move.

Luke N.

Out of water sits this steel boat,
stuck on land like a lonely goat.

Luke N.

Disappearing in my inner city
Forever fear lives
terror is exploding in waves and power

Nick G.

There is a boat
that will only float
on plants

Ella M.

The green of the leaves lines
the flat ground
as mould extends along the outer of
the concrete boat
Still and subtle, somewhat

Isabella D.

She lay helplessly on the bed
of forgotten and overgrown moss,
her walls were slowly falling apart
and disappearing from the
world which once was.
There was nothing left for
her to live for and she has no
one to care so she lay there
and sunk into the world
which was once there.

Isabella K.

It sits there, its rigid concrete body
being overtaken by the evergrowing leaves
It sits there, waiting silently to be engulfed by nature,
completely forgotten

Amelia K.

My heavy frame had become one
with the ground, the decaying boat
structure of mine not fit to sail
The remains of my pieces never
to be found, I’ll have to stay on land
like a beached whale

Madeleine D.

The hands of time are vines
They don’t have reasons,
there are no rules
Twisting, pulling, grasping,
grappling, suffocating and
drowning something that’s
still for more than a second
in time.

Eliza D.

The waves gradually stopped
hitting the sides of the boat,
instead the growth of luscious
green plants began to crawl
over it.
There was no longer sea life;
it was drained with the water,
never to live again.

Sophie C.

This once beautiful boat is slowly
being disintegrated by time.
Fear never left her, yet
luck was on her side
Instead of perishing immediately,
she was granted a second life
but the memory of the family that
once lived within her was destroyed,
now this will never leave her
but she will survive,
holding onto the last
bit of strength

Andy D.

There was once a boat
filled with food,
a goat lived on that boat

Amelia C.

I stand there alone as
my bones moan and groan,
abandoned and left,
my life became a mess.

Mitch W.

The colour disappears like the sickened
face of the forgotten men. Covered,
it is with a leafy green sorrow and
tomorrow it hopes to float again.

Harry N.

One day there was a boat,
and it was afloat
OMG it’s Noah’s ark
it had animals and cannibals
then they all died with the tide
it got washed to the shore,
for sure

Cedric H.

A beautiful piece of junk,
disappearing in history
no eyes left to see it,
it will soon become a

Emil T.

They tried to rip it down,
they did it out of greed
They didn’t think for Earth,
in the end Mother Nature
always wins.