Oxley College – Year 7 Students

Bradley W.
Bored and dim
giving way to each and every whim
Trees transforming the vessel
into nature’s own once again.
Jemima T.
Chaos, yelling, screaming, crying
deep wedges of water pick me up
toss me, spin me, pull me into a never-ending
dance of drama
Now all is calm, animals climb me
and vines entwine themselves through
my null
Bethany G.
Feelings floating away from
our memories, moving on.
Laughter, long lost in the past.
Innocence, finally said and
Friendship is far behind,
dreams drifting on a cloud
socialism stuck, not here,
Imagination banned, not
allowed. Childhood’s ghost
reaching longingly, prosperity
poor in strength.
Sympathy sucked into
a vacuum cleaner,
family bonds and life,
Sophie M.
There is still hope for the old boat.
It may have a dented door and a rusty
floor, but hope has not disappeared.
The leaves may have trapped and covered up the
windows, but there is still hope for the old boat that
lives out in the green plains.
Layla R.
A vessel used to end a quiet life,
a vessel abandoned and slowly decaying
and taken over by its enemies
but revenge is inviting,
life is on a string.
The string is fraying.
Laura S.
Everything that disappears reappears,
whether it’s bodies in the ocean or boats
in the rainforests
Everything resurfaces like
embarrassing memories.
They never disappear,
only move
The storm rocking the boat
from side to side
It kills the men,
it kills the boat.
Water levels began to fall
and green came to rise and
here it lays, rusting for all
of eternity.
Jienna K.
A retired bird, once a swan
gliding effortlessly,
reduced to an ugly duckling,
its wings are gone
and the old and crumped swan
it looks death in the face.
Hugo B.
It used to be shifting logs smashing
through bogs under the palm trees
now it’s in another world,
a solar system far from here,
farther than the birth of this vessel,
Dead, dying
while the plants are
Riley K.
Once hopeful of new life,
once hopeful of someday
sailing the great seas again
Now hopeless and rusted
slowly becoming a part of
the land, never to be sailed
Bronte S.  
Once used as destruction,
now overflowing with beauty
once drifted on the clear water,
now wedged into the earth
once used to destroy life,
now a part of something new
Jessica A.
The boat was moved for the last time
The people who relied on him so much,
now leaving him to die
The idea of death starting to lure 
then nature started its work
Lucia P.
Leaves are disappearing
as trees are whistling.
The boat is cracked,
like it has been washed
The boat is old;
nature is taking over,
it’s disappearing.
Eva M.
The ending has come
but it’s come covered in
The boat is no longer used
against nature.
Nature uses the boat.
Jade G.
Drifting along the tangled green,
a ship which was once so mean
now taken by the vines below,
she rests her head with sorrow
Tom L.
Where there is life, there is
death, trial and error
is the way to learn
because when there is
error, there will only be
trial; only trial makes error
and error is caused by trial
which technically you need
one for the other
Bree F.
Left for hope
as it sits there in peace
hoping, hoping
for life to grow
trapped in the middle,
it sees no life
Amelia O.
With the ship now entered its new life,
it’s colour is a dark emerald green.
Twisted vines anchored it to the earth,
the floors layered in slippery moss
It now has a new life, its old life gone.
Maddie D.
The boat is floating in green,
in brown as it makes its way
through the jungle,
leaves come and go like water
does in the ocean
kids still come and ride,
play as the boat floats away
Arabella A.
nothing will be left
nothing at all
no one in sight
the boat nearly gone,
The tangled leaves drift
in the wind, homeless
No spark to light the
darkness that surrounds it,
Finn T.
Disappearing time,
begin childhood
terror dreaming,
scream power.
Chris W.
The blade of grass swung
through the air, its friends
had all drowned and some
were eaten by a bear.
The grass was nowhere
to be found.
Sylvie M.
Here is a ship disappearing,
given a second life with its
daring structure the rainforest
building over, to make this
death live again
The lonely boat slowly dying,
getting taken over by trees,
it is really dirty.
Human over nature,
nature over human
it’s like a ying and a yang,
each takes its toll
Skye H.
Once lively and populated, now lonely and bare
the trees taking over what was once there,
ivy and moss climbing up the old wreck
Nick G.
With the boat stealing
now its like earna
with the boat turning green the grass is being
really mean the boat has no team
well that’s what it seems
Lachlan C.
The memory of this boat lost,
thrown overboard as it sinks
new life wraps around it,
a home for a tree or even
a monkey
A boat in the jungle,
taking over my leaves,
dirty and grimey
Caelan B.
My captain who abandoned me
my life floating down the river
my new keeping me safe
I’m anchored to my land,
my home
Toby R.
Nature’s power overwhelming
this little boat,
she stood no chance.
The metal rusted,
was useless against
nature’s power
Isabella P.
Everyday it sits there crumbling
it was granted a new life.
But everyday, when people walk past
it sits there grumbling, wish to hear
the tumbling and crash or its old home
Chris C.
Alone in the forest,
except for animal life
growing in a new home,
peace and quiet,
birds sing, frogs croaking
Georgia N.
It sits there lone and melancholy
forgotten and alone
as nature takes its course of ever growing,
waiting for a new home.
Lucie D.
Tangled trees and vines,
grasping themselves around the boat,
strangling it so it can’t breathe
forever and alone still.
Hidden amongst the jungle,
a ghostly looking wreckage
vines look like funnels
ship looks like Titanic.
Death and rebirth,
a skeleton of what once was
the smell of rot and
the taste of health
Bethany A.
A pretty little boat with
green all around,
laying on the grass,
all alone.
Izzy M.
Broken, shaken, taken, ruined
gone and abandoned,
it’s been left alone to go stale
and rot. No more water to surround
its sides. Just green and steal and
nothing left.
Tim G.
An abandoned boat, sailing
in a sea of plants.
Jocb H.
Deep within the forest, in a sea of green
with not a person to be seen,
a boat stays there motionless
Charlotte E.
Abandoned, broken, battered
alone, all alone,
the boat is empty
what has happened?
Holly B.
No more fish,
green has eaten the boat alive
trees are alive again,
but the boat is dead
This boat, this boat here shows
the life, the life of how life can disappear
in a matter of hours
Where beginnings begin
and so many stories
into every classroom
Just waiting for the
shiver of my spine
I was disappointed.
We shouted it ourselves.
No doubt we are dreaming.
We all read, all read,
sharing this moment
The boat is empty,
covered in beauty
It has a new life,
yet it’s still empty
The boat abandoned and the job
expired, and no one to admire and
it didn’t go on fire; wash up
and the waves went up.
Brigette B.
Lonely, abandoned boat.
with leaves as bright as the sun
and trees as tall as the clouds,
what a lonely, abandoned boat.
Zachary G.
There the boat lies,
amongst the green
Why is it there,
sitting all alone?
Disappearing in this traffic,
five years in this city
stay calm, stay focussed.
Fear falls away.
Emily K.
Bored out of my mind.
Trees surrounding.
Tully M.
Man is gone and Earth has taken over
Trees blow in the wind and whisper
to each other
Rotted like some mouldy fruit,
things rustle and owls hoot
just lying there like a long
lost brother
Savannah S.
In the midst of a forest,
stands the alone, abandoned
boat in amongst the vines,
however did it turn out stranded?
The loss of life where did it go,
just like people looking for new hope
now lost and stuck behind metal bars
look up the sky’s always grey.
Is this what was intended to be.
Ellie C.
Boasts, trees, grass and wood.
I wish I could, see it float.
Seeing, fleeing, cleaning.
Sarah P.
Rusty metal sleeps
green trees sliver around the boat
strangling it slowly
it rots away
soon the boat will have to say
good day.
Rotting, rusting is her spirit
saplings, foliage spring right up,..
Who owns her? who needs her?
No-one. No-one. No-one
but time’s stomach
The boat, lost and abandoned
like a building after a fire.
It has lost it’s use,
but gained another for nature.
Ravi W.
Disappearing. Reappearing.
Things disappearing everyday.
Things reappearing everyday.
Everything transporting.
Things, feelings, people. Lost.
Cooper B.
Disappearing time
and noisy dreaming
of freedom.
Space transformed by words.
Sam C.
What is a boat doing in s forest?
People leaving it there
lazy people
who no longer have boat.
Jessica W.
There’s a boat sitting on an island
with on-one around
vines and trees all surround
it’s all rusty, old and horrid inside.
Georgia H.
It’s not a boat, it’s an
abandoned box of stuff.
It has been long forgotten
with all it’s memories,
it has shipwrecked in the
of shapeless jungle.
Ciara L.
The work that had once taken place
an always changing, running race.
Between the world of people and sweet natures gift
the winds that once sung here return all at once and swift.
Sasha K.
Ignorance. The limit.
Five years disappearing.
Stay calm stay focussed
end this mess.
Always. Forever. Fear
fear falls.
Creation, depth
nothing lasts forever.
shiver pride disappearing
disappoint time
only terror exploding. Shouted
we are dreaming. Linked angry
insecurity moment
stand equal waves beach
the lights go out
quite ready.
A conversation has power.
Olivia C.
The boat sits alone,
It was abandoned, mold growing.
As the seasons changed so did the boat
lost like a lonely child.
Jasmine I.
The job disappeared as the ship got older
the moss crawled up the old wreck
the seasons changed so did the years
and the wreck was left abandoned.
Ben C.
Floating forever. Off on a holiday
far away from home. Being challenged
at every turn to go back to its
rightful place but no… forever floating