Oxley College – Year 11 Students

300km blockage from the blackout
I climbed out and away from blackout
Away from my banishment
Rush of a storm, rising
Towards a country
Abandoning community, civilisation
Lost without coming back.
Skiing down a mountain I hit a crevasse.
Down I fall. It’s a black out down.
It’s a workout to get out. Jojo come to get all of me.
Cassie A.
The enamel worn away,
Like the water disappeared
Vine and trees grow high
Reclaiming what was taken from them.
Cassie A.
Vanishing rain
in a lot of pain
got a damn stain
on my pink shirt.
A main gain
Is a rush
to a hush
ran into a branch
so much blood
on my pink shirt.
Caitlyn S.
Fading away, day  day,
the blending of something
that doesn’t go wrong.
A black sheep, yet haunted with memories,
a structure singing its own song
Caitlyn S.
A book sings its own song,
taking flight in its own way
combing through folds in my mind
worlds open, mountains build with snowy tops
imagination that has grown unconditionally
organic clouds sands rocks
straight from my soul, looming in my
subconscious to unfold a story all of its own.
Evangeline L.
Hull, let me breathe – let the waves form leaves
Let her vines encase me until I drown.
Seagulls call her name, somehow twisting
through the broken channels in the air.
“Save me” her finality left in slower growing ocean.
Evangeline L.
To our souls over story
our post in our past
Words floating in work
Almost could, but frankly not.
Trod into dirt,
morning things,
warm drinks
ugg boots
Walks out to our mailbox
Lost worlds.
Postman’s trail his muddy path
tomorrow’s rush again.
Lucie V.
First she took from him
took the bones that supported his body
the life and the circular flow
the she gave back to him
a new rusted metal shell.
Lucie V.
Sand bombs on an auspicious trial
morning dust winds at its tail
as rock pink sky washes away nightcloud
wind in hair, along bush walk far.
Maddie T.
Growth dawdles across unknown territory
blackness crawling along the edge
gleaming in the shadows,
we see a life that once was alive.
Maddie T.
Mind is blank
lost in anguish,
blood pumps through my tracks,
dirt stuck in my nails.
I walk unknown,
Longing to show my story.
EMC Mab C.
I’m on a boat
With some rhymes from my throat
If pirates come
I will put them in an oil drum
and I will bury them
in a sea of lushes green.
I consume the ship
my green leaves swell over the hull
dark vines strangling the cracked wood
taking back what was once mine.
No love here, making up for lost time.
Dark slowly saw its way through shut door.
Cold floor, no call, I saw him go.
Dark was so long waiting
until morning was too long
toys sat all around me but offered
no comfort.
I want him back, to play with and hug
and run and walk with in his world.
But all night I am put away
most loyal dog no trusted.
Dark was so long, waiting
until morning was far too long.
Julia C.
For I have won, once my skin
splitter, now wrapped around my
finger, its decks, its windowpanes.
My vines in your veins, intertwining,
Tangling, suffocating. Where did your power go?
Julia C.
Your ivy skin and sharp brown
harsh word and cold touch
big soft pupils
always big soft pupils
my lust for you, you flick
my dull iris spilt liquid of an old kind
don’t lust with drugs, I say to you
don’t mix a human of blossom
for a human of ivy you say.
The rust of her hid the truth,
A story untold concealed behind the vines,
Growing alongside.
What once was there but no more.
Time has treated you well
out time goes on and yours is gone
left rusted and withered.
A capsule of time.
Day running out
night blows in
light is a bliss but it’s run out.
Hairs run cold
goats attack,
flights upon rooftops.
Spencer S.
How in the flaming heck did this get here?
Is this a lost brother of Chitty –
As I kept creeping near a voice behind me
said, “Can I see your..”
Spencer S.
Mountain Goat, why do you climb?
We lived as a community over night
like a wind we blew away.
Gone with that wind the sense of
Night came and we lay.
Birds will fly
Through a black sky
Pollution flowing from buildings
Slowing the birds.
Land ahoy called
The pioneering captain
57 years ago.
But now the sound of
the ever quietly growing
plants reclaiming their stolen friends.
Many moons ago
Sir Chitty built pyramids
with igneous rocks.
Edward B.
Leaves, bush & shrub come to life
clutching at the sides
like veins sucking the life,
energy and power
which was rightfully theirs.
Oliver K.
I was sailing through the grass the whole time
the brand new ship with gleaming vibrant
wood merging into an old crumbled figure.
If only I could ride Bessy once again.
Oliver K.
I was galloping through Doiland.
An old foicy sprung from leaves,
with much wisdom to say.
“Blur” ran out of his mouth.
I was shocked. I had got Wilkinson’s power.
Shrek is Love, Shrek is life
This is my swamp, they took it from me
My family, my home had disappeared
from the plains of the earth. But that’s alright,
I stole their boat, its all ogre now.
420 Blaze It
It vanish a bird in flight,
My sand boots lie to a gold night riot.
My pink rock flies through the sky
Vanishing into an old man’s yard.
It’s morning, dusk I walk down an old dirt trail
thick coil cracks and churn under my soft childish foot.
I thought I saw if so pink, so beautiful, am I a rap god?
No, I’m not, I don’t have swag. I’m ill, all out of childhood
now, no going back now, I’m an adult.
My 18th birthday will be auspicious. I still don’t have that pink
fluffy rock. #420 blazit.
Like a child growing up
The seeds sprouted,
Like a boat travelling the seas, the sun.
Vanishing from my sight it ran away
following its own trail to Doiland.
It’s funny how quickly the tides can turn.
You were once a threat to me.
But just as quickly that started to knock me down.
I swallowed you up.
Caitlyn B.
Slow ominous creak,
that foreshadows the looming death.
No voice to scream out
to object the unjust greed
Caitlyn B.
An always looming night sky
followed  a pink cloud of morning.
A birds in flight
following until twilight is once more.
Do not vanish into night small bird
morning is nothing without you.
Evelyn B.
Dry eyes longed for the water
that it could not see,
left behind wallowing in green lushness
creepers captured and bound it in a tight embrace.
Michael Z.
It sits sunken in the dense greenery,
ever so slightly being consumed,
out of place,
yet returned to its place of birth.
The boat once moving now stuck,
once destroying now destroyed.
Happy goat, soft goat
small ball of fur.
Aly F
The pitter patter made her nervous
she turned and to her surprise
glistening drops fell elegantly
from the leaves
she wondered how one thing so insignificant
could have so much beauty
in the light of day.
Harry K.
It’s gone, it will never come back,
just like the boat. My innocence
lost on the very boat that later disappeared
two things that were lost that day.
Harry K.
McDonalds is bliss.
Birds now in sandwiches,
potato now as chips.
Nothing natural,
pink drink, AKA, tasty poison.
Clouds in the night sky rush
to bring morning as I walk
back to my crib.
Trapped forever, no where to go
consumed  my enemy
never to know
Horror of convicts, of abandon trust
Find ways to over through
kings of dust.
Frost grows across insightful humans
building armor for a mask.
My ignorance
my inner zones stay
calm, stay focused
Fear, take a number
where beginnings begin,
creation question
Childhood goes,
connection with parents
disappears. Nothing
lasts forever
Noisy people, authority