Over the Bumps: the Tram Ride – Croydon Public School, 2012 – Group Poem

It was really bumpy and made me dizzy.
bumpy slow old long
It was really bumpy and reminds me of
my first time on a train.
bumpy excited smelly slow old long
posters with beer bottles
bumpy smelly fun exciting
It felt really bumpy
and reminds me of being
in a soft sack.
bumpy exciting soft old scary
it is fun on the trams
the seats move back
and forward
bumpy musty old long
musty smelling
I hear the engine
grinding wheels
wooden floors old posters glass windows
it was really bumpy
bumpy exciting old scary
posters with beer bottles
windy/ cold/ fast/ quick/ clickety-clack/
bumpy/ frozen/ chilly/ rocky/ wet
slow mover    engine noises
old posters    wooden floors
tiny wheels     foil windows
It was bumpy when
we went over the bumps.
bumpy cold wet smooth bouncy chilly fascinating
good view      old posters    curtains
the seats went back
and forth
in one tram they had curtains
but cars don’t have curtains

it felt like solving a mystery