Our Place – Obsolete

The silence rings loud
As we try to find
a stillness in it.
A place to meet,
a place to hide,
A place of comfort,
a place of solace.Time ticks

An assurance for ourselves
away from our own questions,
Lashing in silence against teeth
Behind locked jaws.

No one will draw their weapon,
Because neither knows what to load it with.

It was you, then it was me
It was us
This is who we are
But never before
Have our smiles
lost their way
In the blur of silence

Time ticks

Lurking bubbles threatening to burst,
through the inky surface of the water,
desperately gasping for the oxygen needed to keep them going

But we remained locked beneath
In the suffocating still.

I beg of you
Please let us find our place.

Time ticks

Guarded tongues
Behind guarded jaws
Behind guarded eyes
That say nothing.

Time ticks

They say nothing.