'New York City', by Piyumini

After the sun had finally said goodbye
And the ghostly glowing man was all that remained between the world and darkness
As the night sky gazed proudly down at the ground
Blinding jewels adorning her obsidian hair
And all on the earth seemed to be asleep
There was still one who refused to shut her eyes
For hasty wheels still skidded on her roads
For the familiar scent of mouth-watering delicacies still wafted about her
And the lights – oh the lights!
They fluoresced with breath-taking beauty
More majestic than the night sky herself
She could marvel at them for years without sleeping.
The night sky, after hearing what she had thought
Glared down at her with hate twisting her features
She was outraged at her comparison to the lights down below
But deep inside her pride-filled soul she knew that it was true
And clear tears of envy poured from the sky.
“You must go to sleep now!” boomed the man in the moon
But he didn’t just feel sympathy for the night sky
A hesitant spark of jealousy had grown in him at the mere earthling’s beauty
“But I can’t…” she smiled playfully up at the moon
The man swore he saw a faint sparkle in her eyes as she finally spoke,
“For I am the city that never sleeps.”