Nesting – Ann Kelly

Perched in the sparse tree
Of a twisted branch
Rests the tender nest
Open handed offering to raiders
Buffeted by the seasons’ winds
Its host
Deeply rooted in the
Towering the bay
Surrounding its waters
Founding its depths
Laying down
Its lucent grains
Along beach and shoreline
Lives lived within this place
Dharwal custodians
Blessed by quiet waters
And sylvan bush land
Surveyed away
By grid patterned roads
Named for seaside England
Depression days of bayside shacks
Fishermen in salt sprayed caves
Wartime men struggling still
With peacetime’s bland relief
The house on the ridgeline
Looking south
Above the crowded treeline
To the storm conjured clouds and
Wild winds of heady summer days
Billowing down to
Calm cabbage patch fringed
Depths of lagoon below.
Lives lived within this space
Communities of people
Moving through
Held together by the
Open handed offering
Of a nesting place


Lee Bethel’s note: ‘Nesting‘ is my sculpture, commissioned by Bundeena Chamber of Commerce that sits at the entry to a small park overlooking the Hordens Beach and across to Cronulla. Ann Kelly wrote the poem ‘Nesting’ inspired by the sculpture and the line from the poem ‘Precarious, lives lived within this place’ runs along the sculpture’s plynth.