Multicultural Uncultured – Josephine Parsons

We are the multicultural uncultured
Blind folds blind unacceptance
Tensions dissolved resolved
Stalls malls charcoaled souls

We are stand up stand down mateship
Spitting hissing unintelligible
Toward sports officials and our bride
Three years in three beers down

We are the overdeveloped undeveloped
Concrete squeezing fence boundaries
Rubbing status on unmowed unkept linen windows
Barbeque Sundays

We are symbols in driveways
Lower income higher purchase
Noises begging down restauranted streets
Subaru turbo yeah bro

We are the painfully remembered realistically forgotten
Expanse of urban disadvantage
Political manipulation condescendation
‘Fair go’

We are the educated education refused
Sitting at the end of noses
Opinions whined conditions mimed
Helping hands patting backs

We are the air conditioned class conditioned
Locks activated avoiding
Public transport routinely stumbled upon
Piss corporate blue all you

We are the habitual not recreational
Flesh decay and warped conversation
Irreparable teeth spare change
Unspiraled suspended intoxicated nation

We are the industrial dumping ground
Sydney’s heart backyard waste ground
The out of sight on site factory landscape
Wasteland of homeware hardware turn a corner