Luna Park – Kathryn Yuen

funparkkk of friiiivollllityyy

nestled in Milson’s Point
serene harbourview

white face with bloodshot eyes,
permanent tattooed black eyeliner
botoxed lips painted for-sale-red
the slack-jawed mouth is gasping

inside the arena of mirth
squeals ring like tinnitus
junkfood marinates joyseekers
money is milked from punters

I remember my childhood and my children’s
staked out in the grounds
overwhelmed by adrenalin-pumping rides,
crazy mirrors , fumes of fried trans-fat

And the ghost train
where real ghosts may still ride
children who never went home
who became one with the funpark’s history

behind the clown face
a concrete man-made façade
to outlive man

remember childhood and children
deep in play who disappeared

frolick a little more for them