Lugere – Collin Mullane

From the last wind through autumn lungs
Across the endless ache of winter bones
Through the dark shadow on a spring mind
Into the constant drought raping a summer heart
Ever changing seasons bring nought new life
The passing years unease tormented souls
Tears no longer flowing; dry faucet, an empty well
Time steps solemnly to the beat of a silent drum
Every surface gathers dust, thick shrouds of mourning
Heavy drapes, closed against rotting boarded windows
Cobwebs fill the dark, dank, lifeless spaces
They speak like tombstones in a soulless graveyard
Haunted by the memories of pride and glory left behind
Old dreams, broken promises, forgotten lives
Collected, hoarded, possessed and now unwanted
An obsessive compulsion of nostalgic sentiment
No breath nor life; no mind nor soul
A broken home, heart broken; forgotten and unforgiven
Take heed, a living corpse; have pity, the walking dead
Abandoned empty vessels; derelict zombie love