Living Arrangements – Anthony Lawrence

Anemones glow like brake-lights
in rock pools at dusk.
            Pockets of mangroves
filter mud and trace metals.
A single egret can repay
            close attention
with flight doubled on dark
water before it turns
            upriver, and away.
The future has been earmarked
for rituals, like cocktails
            and live music
on the deck of a tavern
reducing the calls
            of incoming osprey
to something like feedback
at the end of a bridge.
            This tidal system
will soon be auctioned off
like the miscellaneous items
            of a deceased estate.
For now, water flows in
and retreats, mullet turn
            like thrown silver
change in the shallows
and fig birds arrive to test
            the skins of figs
in the unregulated passage
of a non-corporate sun.