Life of a Loner – Ngo Ngoc

Dancing trees, foggy had uncovered its thickness,
the people whom i called friends
running into the wood
into the luminous humidity,
into the space called forever,
a space only for the madness,
and enter the fairy tale of the dark.

Helplessly gasping for air,
Guys, wait up!
Stop playing hide and seek, I’m so sick of this game
I know that I will lose anyway,
no matter if I am a seeker or a hider,
just stop

Deception of the moonlight, wandering
through the delusion forest of bamboo trees
of those lives of the people
that I can’t hold on to.
Let them go,
every fairy tale must have its ending,
The spirits disappeared into the wood,
the light of the moon
shine through
as I walked into the luminous humidity,
Guys! Wait up