Letter to my Love – Candice Clark

Hey babe, just wanted to tell you

that I still think of you every day. 

It’s been 7 months and counting since we first met, 

and I’m still feeling exactly the same way.

So much has happened since that night,

So many more people now know my name.

But every minute that I’m counting,

I still keep thinking of how you should be here today.

You’ve probably moved on with your life,

I’ve tried to, but it’s your face my heart keeps running back to.

You’re now nothing but an implanted memory in my mind,

With a matching heart that keeps reminding me of why I keep my faith in you.

You’re in my dreams, my heart, my mind and my soul…

All of my future moments, I can only see being spent with you.

I regret not taking my chance on you.

I can still feel the touch of your hand on mine.

I just hope that fate leads us back to one another,

and allows me one more chance to turn back the hands of time.

That look in your eyes still haunts me,

As it’s the kind of look I could never forget.

Hopefully there’ll be a place in time when we will once again, meet.

When I can say and show all the things I had left unsaid.

I still walk through Oxford St and I stop when I reach where we met.

It still brings tears to my eyes as the flashbacks re-affirm what I can’t forget.

I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.

I’ve never known that an instant feeling could be so strong.

I walk on with my head held high, but for you, I still keep holding on.

I can’t recall your name, but I can still see the colour of your eyes.

I can’t recall much about that night, but I remember how your heart touched mine.

I’m another year older, but you’ve made me so much stronger.

Now that I know how it feels to have loved and to have lost,

If I get this second chance, I’ll beg for a chance to love for so much longer!

If I see you again, I will take your hands in mine.

I will hand you my heart, as I plead while looking into your eyes.

I made the biggest mistake by letting you go, I just wanted you to know…

That with all my heart, and all my soul,

I swear that I will fall for you and make you so happy,

If only you could hold me tight, and never let me go…

If only you could please forgive me for letting you go?