You can take the kid outta Blacktown… – Kristy Wan

leaving (the bar) early because you gotta
catch the last train to Blacktown
when you regret those shoes as you
stagger like a baby giraffe
(that smells like beer)
but that’s okay – you’ll fit right in.

do you remember those high school
fights that broke out near the
buses? seas of school uniforms and
watching the spectators
because that was always funnier –
to watch the camera phones.

this was adolescence –
pizza and soft drink and strangers
pulling your hair on the bus.
being cool and hanging out and
getting told we’d ‘get rolled’ but
never understanding.

we always looked on, looked down
rolled our eyes and blocked it out –
thought we were just so fucking cool.
but look at us now with our Education
and our Independence;
are we that much better?

we are
made of deadlines and anxiety
stuck at twentysomething, watching doors close,
stressed and depressed –
but at least we’re well dressed.