disappearing world – Jeltje Fanoy

in a disappearing world we lay our jigsaws,
retrieve pieces that are missing, some break
off, fall from the edge, we re-imagine them at
night, clutching at straws, hoping they’ll turn up
out of the darkness, we have pens by our
bedside, we have books with blank pages, just
in case for the missing piece, the one that melted
away after a glass of wine, the one we always miss
in recounts of all the pieces, the one that slipped
away, shines brilliantly in another person’s jigsaw
(the shape is right, but the details are all wrong!)

in this jigsaw puzzled reality she gets up at dawn,
puts on the kettle, jumps into the shower, packs
up computer, mobile phone, her books, her lunch,
drinks a hasty cup of tea, and out the door…
the apprentices of happiness take precedence,
imprint and erase themselves, keep her on her toes,
they won’t let her rest if they can get away with it,
they’re growing out of their skins to become adults
in an irresponsible world, they have to learn not to
be disappointed, smile reassuring smiles in a raging
storm, not to be afraid in a disappearing world.