i’m married to the sea (don’t tell her i call her that) – Dominica Nicholls

white light,
the one from the beginning of the universe,
inconstant, persistent
white light,
diesel fumes,
black water and spume,
all natural optical illusions
flashing apparitions
of dumped out diamonds, bright bunches of stars,
the whole harbour rolled boxcars.
take to knee, to see,
to press a kiss to the sea
through the bars,
she missed me,
i’m sure.
it’s worth the detour
to see her, to taste the impure
selkie salt skin
at the hairpin
of land,
put the palm of my hand
to her slow massive heart,
she’s better than church.
she’s better than art
she starts loosing stars,
sun stealing away
into the city,
like a spider
under the sink.
she blinks
blackly back at me,
shifting, gloaming,
disowning me
my glittering throne
and queen of sea,
i am a widow,
until tomorrow