I Wanted The Streets To Speak – Danny Gardiner

I wanted the streets to speak

their stories me to haunt

with the language they once used

imprinting their fossil shapes on my restless retina.

I wanted to explode time

and delve among its layers

so it would gag me with its guilt

Bind me in its unrequited urges.

It’s just a heat on the air

with all the rest of entropy after all

just part of stuff that happens.


I close my eyes

and your words make those pictures

on my mind; your actions swim into

and inform mine.

You have me speak in strange voices.


I was born into that shape

that my ego disguises

so I could escape disclosure . . .

But I breathe the past and it frees me

All it craves of me is one more blank page.


And they came to name the fine streets

Twixt the horse lanes and hedge rows

Where the sons of a proud nation

Take the ladies to make their families

In the gentle good morrow.

Where the sun now set

And the English made their southern echo

Which the times would overtake

The Felix could not hold.