Hornsby Girls' High School, 2013 – Student Poems, Class 7X

(in response to Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’)
Class 7X
There she was, staring at me
With those dark eyes
That glowed with sadness
She asks for a picture,
a beautiful picture for her
“My friend is sick you
see, and I want to give
her something really nice before she might die.”
But she says she got no money.
“It doesn’t matter” I say.
A kind, sad girl with a pearl

Her eyes shine bright
And full of light
But deep inside
They’re full of spite
She stares at you with those black
bottomless eyes
The curve of her smile, heavy with
Then the darkness swallows her
all, but leaves the little pearl
Her delicate gaze lingers,
The same as the hope left in my heart.
Her lips poised yet calling me
Her eyes searching the remains of my soul.
Two years it took
to earn your trust
One seconds it took
For you to look back and flee
Money is Power,
Power is Money,
That is what my parents say.
“Oh no! Don’t associate with them”
They scoff,
So I ran,
I ignored the shouts, and the screams,
took to the road
and ran
I saw the paint dragged on the
With a brush of pigs’ hair
His lip drawn between
his teeth
As his paintbrush stood at attention
I saw a woman forming there
With a bright pearl earring
Looking desperately at me through the paint
With shining hazel eyes
Glancing back a the two people
she loved, fear gripped her heart.
Her childhood slipped away
As she turned towards the
cobbled path.
She stared at me with
unsure eyes. I watched the
glistening pearl earrings
revealing the past.
She looked so sad and lonely.
With her smile, her eyes,
the sky will be forever blue;
her heart and soul, gentle
with love and passion
Looked up, eyes met.
Her eyes held a message.
A pearl glinted from the
shadows of her turban.
Cherry lips turned up in a
half smile.
I blinked, she was gone.
The image of her face
in my mind, lingering.
Her eyes as black as
the lonely night.
As blank as an
empty piece of paper.
Unclouded with hatred,
nor love, from a promise, forgotten, forever in the past.
All there was, was loneliness, and that alone.
She looks at me, eyes wide
I can’t tell what she is thinking
She hides her thoughts so well
With emotionless eyes that pause time
I remember, I dream, I
So many things that
could have been.
You catch my eye, our
paths change forever.
A simple butternut cloth fell, ragged,
Sea gathered in the pear-
drop eyes.
And that glowing bulb pearl fell.
Back I stared, then,
With pure will power,
afraid of what I’d
Of the cold yet fiery demon behind
The girl with the pearl
earring. Mysterious and
quiet. I don’t know what
but something in her eyes showed fear.
Her earring, shining in the shadows
like a torch in the dark.
Surrounded by blackness of
despair. Despite that, she half-heartedly
But soon loses it, as she looks back
to her life before now.
Her lips are curved upwards
as if to reassure
but her eyes as dead and
as black as coal do not
tell the same story.
All that’s left inside her is the
shining glint of a pearl earring.
The one-pearl earring girl
has been treated well and loved,
But all she cares about is running away from her house.
She almost got killed by some vicious hunters,
but was saved by this magnificent painter.
Many years later, the painter met her again.
She was with her husband
Who loved and treated her well.
The painter felt sadness overwhelm him
And died a couple of days later.
Surrounded in black,
trying t look away
from her past,
she lives
with her clothes, her
but one pearl earring which she wears as her
pride, her past and her hope,
the small beacon which lights up the dark.
Luminously shining through the black.
All hope was never lost.
Like a forever-aflame torch,
it shall lead the way.
A glow that flickers in
the darkness, small hope
in the large sea of black.
Her eyes stare out to the
world, regret over leaving
her life behind.
Innocent lion-like eyes
Filled with hardships and
Her soft glossy lips, like
marshmallows floating in a
sky of amber.
The brown of her coat, showing her burdens.
The pearl earring, the one star in the midnight sky.
I look back at my home.
The place I lived for so many years,
so many memories I have to let go.
I sigh and walk away slowly.
Her lips coated in the finest lipstick,
Her coat fuzzy and brown.
A wealthy girl, not old yet not young
The girl with the silver pearl
in her ear.
A glint of white, piercing
through the darkness.
A single droplet hanging
on the tips of her ears.
A reflection of her
innocence and beauty.