Hornsby Girls' High School, 2013 – Student Poems, Class 7T

(in response to Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’)
Class 7T
She looks at me with longing
eyes. They are filled with despair
and misery. The old clothes
she is wearing does not
match the gleaming flash
of silver in the dim background.
Her pearl earring.
Dazed eyes gaze out,
lost amidst the block of
a pearly star finishes the
painting. Pure and white.
Her earring, visible through her
dark back-story.
With eyes so longing and an
expression which is sorry.
Her hair tied back with a
colourful garment.
With clothes so grey as she could not afford them.
She turns around,
her eyes glinting in
the moonlight.
She looks at me
despair clinging onto her
sharp features.
A girl turned around
to look at me
her clothes showed for her to be poor
but the luminescent pearl earring
stood out
against the dull colours
of her clothes.
The turban
wrapped around her head
hid what lay underneath.
A dirty brown jacket and
a white collar,
pulled tight around her throat
A moment captured,
The unsuspecting maiden turns,
Her crown of cloth shifts in the
The stone of purity hangs from
her earlobe as a reminder of his love,
The undying, devoted love he feels
For the girl stopped in time.
Black and white eyes
from her mother;
The earring fro her father.
The gold from her heart;
the red from her lips.
The flash of her pearl earring,
so white amongst the
her lost expression,
looking to me for help.
Shu Tian
Turning her head to look at me
one last time
A yearning look flitted
across her face
before returning to its vague
expression once again
A few seconds felt like a few hours,
before she was dragged
never to see me again.
She ran away
from those fights, from fear
but all her worries
were still quite near
but then he found her
the man on the street
he gave her clothes
and things to eat.
The girl wears clothing of
dark colours but always inserts
pearl earrings to show that
she might look dark and gloomy
but hidden inside, she has a
pure heart like the shining earring.
Her glimpse, fading into the distance,
Her plain brown coat, blue headpiece,
The pure white pearl,
Forever lain upon her ear.
She wears a pearl earring
with her elegant eyes
The girl looks back at me
The dark background
The bright earring
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The girl with the pearl earring
Covering her head with a linen cloth
Her eyes glimpsing back at you
Telling her tragic story
Among the black background
Her eyes shine through the dark.
The pure sadness which left a mark
inside my broken heart forever.
The girl turned
Her pearl earring flashing in the light,
Almost as bright as
The surprise and pleasure shining in her eyes.
Poor, yet young, the little girl.
Then I saw a little pearl
This little girl I made
She looks quite dismayed
Eyes glazed
Mouth open
Shadowed forever by darkness
Little pearl glinting
She seems sad yet mysterious
With her pearl earring
We all wonder who
she may be
All wonder what they see
bright against
her dim
face is the shine of the pearl earring.
She has a beautifully shaped nose with lips moist,
looking glossy. Her eyes tell a whole new
The widow sits beside the window
Not crying – just
staring. She turns
her head around
and gives a blank
Her lips separate, as she knows nothing
but the glimmer in her eyes
were hiding more than they revealed.
he pearl glistened against her ear,
as it had more meaning than anything else.
The old, withered coat reminded
her of her family.
The blue headband of the sky, the
ocean and being free.
But the earring reminded
her of everything that she would be.
Every day, every night
She looks out the window
Sadness filling her eyes
Waiting in the darkness
With only the flash of her earring.
Darkness squashes her
Like life did
Like life does
The earring asked, why
do you do this
Because I have to
Because they told me to
Her eyes staring.
Her breath shallow.
Her betrayal to me – to the whole village.
She turns
to look at me.
Her eyes lost
her face unbroken
by the hopeless expression
by the mouth half open
ready to ask
for it.
She turns.
The pearl earring flashes
catches the light.
The other pearl
I am holding
in her eye.
She looks at you with frightened
Perhaps a maid or
peasant she may be,
With pearl earrings
she knows she will be
She dwells inside
her mother’s heart.
She looks at me as though
this is the first time she has seen
Looking at me like there is
nothing else.
Staring out, out from the
gallery wall.
The girl looks very poor and
unfortunate but was given the
pearl earring by someone
special. She is Muslim and
about to be killed as a
sacrifice to save her religion
and must wear the earring.
The painting shows her
as a true but innocent and good person who is
loved by everyone.