Hornsby Girls' High School, 2013 – Student Poems, Class 7K

(in response to Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’)
Class 7K
She walks unsteadily,
sauntering across the lonely station,
frequently, she stops to gaze at
her surroundings and then
back at the vehicle that will
kidnap her for forever, and she
whispers short phrases from her language, tears race down
her cheek and the beads of moisture splash on the ground.
Hesitantly, her head turns to see my dismal expression; I quickly
change my emotions to encourage her, hiding my true colours, her
pale face shines in the dark, her eyes glinting to match the
tone of the pearl. She bids me a hesitant farewell and leaves me
Rushing to do her master’s bidding
in a frenzy.
Not even noticing the man
watching her, in the shadows
of the alleyway.
She cast one last glance
over  her shoulder
into the dark
the pearl flickers, then dies
her eyes big and gloomy
lips were pink and lovely
The pearl earring she wore
on her hidden left ear
A dome of cobalt
wraps tightly around her head
Auburn tails run down her neck
and strokes the brown jacket
that she wears on her shoulders
but the opalescent pearl
shimmers like a star in a myriad of dull
who knows the history
of this girl’s past
Her eyes fixed, not allowing
you to shift your gaze.
The pearl reminding you of
her past.
She looks straight at me,
her eyes screaming with regret.
The pearl earring shining
through the darkness of our future.
She turns to leave me now,
the light leaves her face.
She walks away slowly,
With the pearl earring shining through the darkness of our future.
The pearl earring glinted
in the darkness of her life
The memory of her family
plunged through her like a knife
the pastel-splashed girl,
with the luminous white
stone, a gift,
travels into an unknown
land ahead
wearing only a lost
as she advances to her future
There once was a girl
who wished she could just be free
nothing was her own
apart from the earring
the pearl earring
Looking at me with your beady eyes
The sound of the brush meeting the canvas,
It’s as if we had just met,
But here I am painting your portrait.
The pearl, you kept it and treasured it
even though it has been decades.
The pearl earring glistening
The light shining on her face
Her eyes full of sadness,
And shining like the pearl
Hanging from her ear.
The blue headband covers her hair
As well as the yellow fabric
Hanging down
The pearl earring, as white as snow
in the dark room, it glows
The girls, her face fills with sadness
There she stood in a dark room,
with nothing but fear in
her eyes.
A girl with dark clothing
but a gleam of light
shining through the dark.
She looked back to me,
sadness filled her eyes
As she mouthed goodbye
that one word
could mean so many things
as she turned
I waved ad called
but she could not hear me
she was lost in a silent world
Her eyes responded to her father with fear,
she could feel her one and
only dearest possession on her
ear, it was like an angel’s tear shining
in the light.
Eyes filled with fear,
The girl with a pearl earring
Runs away from Asia,
Away from the agony of being a servant,
Fleeing from slavery and into
being a peasant.
Fear of her owner finding her,
Overpowering her with his anger.
The gleaming pearl earring is all she has.
Her tied mop swings as she runs.
This is a real journey for her
he saw her
she saw him
her expression vacant,
He gave her an earring
a shard from a fallen star
he painter her
a band of the evening sky on her forehead
ribbons of gold down her back
In France she thought of
coming back,
But had no means to
do so.
She wore the pearl
every day,
to remind her of her childhood friend.
Her parents one day gave her freedom
and took her back to her
There, she saw her childhood friend,
who painted her expression.
Her eyes, showing hope and grief,
Her clothes of poor and low class,
The vampy background of cold,
dark and deadness.
The pearl illuminating from the
dark, the small white bead of importance from the
still and deadly black.
The girl slowly turned her head,
papery scarf swishing in the air.
The stolen pearl glinting in the light
that had long ago escaped her eyes.
The wolves were near behind
and the runaway princess stood still,
and she thought of her father
and her brother
that she had left behind.
Yong Yong
Her cherry lips part for a sobfull moan
Her eyes widen, like two black stones
Her face dawns into pitiful white
Her fists clench in fearful might
Her chest heaves with tenacious love
As she sees the fallen, little glove
Her lips are poised slightly
Her expression blank
and vacant.
Yet her eyes hold
worlds of knowledge
Her earring her only valued possession.