Group Poems – Camden High School, Crookwell High School & Moss Vale High School

Group Poem 1
by Gabrielle H., Brock, and Jocelyn
Creaky trail, runs oddly bend.
Mossy tracks breaking down. Cracked frame.
Devastating vines & weeds thriving in the rotting wood.
Grimey River flows, run.
Rusted metal, scraping away. Screeching train.
Thick chains supporting an abandoned bridge deteriorating away.
Melting canopies sway in the breeze of gold feathers.
Moldy wood rotting, tattered leaves.
A bridge now leading into darkness.
Group Poem 2
by Harriet S., Laura M., and Bri H.
Forgotten feature, wallowing in vivid ecstasy
The discarded belonging drowning in eternal misery
A deserted pit drowning in its own eerie despair
A bottomless pit swallowing abandoned ruins
Dismal surroundings, longing for sweet oblivion
The beautiful foliage of green outside glinting in the radiant sun
Flashes of black and yellow surround the trashed room
Slowly the contents sink to the bottom of its life
A looming scene, swallowing empty hope.
Group Poem 3
by Anthony, Alicia, Connie, and Jessica
The run-down amusement park now lost of hope quivers silently.
The sludge of algae, floating on the softened water.
The over grown vies all over the sides.
The fun, now lost, echoes in whispers.
Green foliage dripped down in waterfalls to greet the water.
The vines and algae where children once played.
The plants go down the sides like the children once did.
The grey sky swept casts of blotchy light on the water.
The slides now in ruin with no one to look after them.
Group Poem 4
by Samantha and Tiarne
You can almost see the eyes through those windows
It feels as though, it’s looking at me,
I can never escape,
The rotting walls are surrounding me
Rotting, lonely, the sounds of birds fill the air around the house
The reflection is darkening,
just like its soul.
It’s pulling me under
We can’t escape it
The rocks, they surround the house, like a barrier protecting the outside world from what may be inside.
Even within these haunting walls,
All I can find is beauty
The creaks are like music,
a continuous playing melody.
The clouds roll in, like a thunderstorm, waiting to happen
As it sinks into the water
It finds peace in its place
But know in these walls
We never can escape
But, yet here it stands, alone waiting for someone to come.
Group Poem 5
by Sharni, Giselle, and Gemma
It lays in laziness as its engine rusts.
It lays abandon, useless, a wreck
Rusty, rails, wasting space, of a dry, land
Its heaviness droops onto the innocent tracks that lay below
Blue sky turning grey slowly
The dark gloomy sky watches over us
Innocent eyes rarely get laid on the lonely and empty object.
Everything so still.
What ever happened here, who decided to abandon this?
Group Poem 6
by Charlotte, Matt P., and Matt C.
Decrepit music decaying, broken memory
Silent words sound, forever lost
The dark growth filled the empty space
Young child growing slowly at home.
White steps creaked as time wore on
Wood on wood – the trunk at its heart.
Trapped monster breathing deaths embrace
A shattered life dances in a forest breeze
The end of the peaceful home.