God of Wealth – Dennis Garvey

Westfield Tower’s golden dragon sun
orbiting the city Mirrorball
lights dotting
waking dragons and lions
In Belmore Park
Paddy’s Market crackers
scaring off GFC misfortunes
UTS library allen
supply students for Chinese Thai
chat restaurants & bars
Australian Masterchef contestants
demonstrate culinary skills –
At Chinese Lunar New Year Festival
Sichuan food sizzles
taste buds
Sounds of K-pop & Korean rock echo in
night canyons
Tree-lit lantern stars hang
loose in cross limbed galaxies
Buddha in all our thoughts in
all these forms in
single lines we bow
Offering lighted incense sticks to the
God of Wealth
A city’s lost beggars and bums on
our way home pressing
Us for something –
more than love.