Gazing Out the Window Day Dreaming – Yasemin Dolcel

Gazing out the window day dreaming,

With the last of my things in the back of Gary’s range rover heading west on Parramatta rd,

I am coming back leaving behind a life style that will remain memories.

Reaching the big M, known as the golden arc, we turn left onto st hillers rd

Approaching, i can see the minarets, then the dome – “”here it is, built by the Turks” i say excitingly passing the Gallipoli mosque nearing the Turkish delight building.

On the corner at the set of lights, we turn left driving over the railway bridge turning right theres Pizza hut, now a lebanese restaurant called Jasmin1

Driving into Auburn and onto auburn rd i see long legged Nigerians, men in white gowns, woman in black borques, china men and Indians. Where are the nuns?

This doesn’t look like the auburn i grew up in.

Driving along The changes Are dramatic,

On the left, the old post office , record shop, toy shop and funeral house have all turned into medical centre’s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                On the right, the old milk bar and chemist have been replaced by kebab shops.

Venture, katies, events, harris scarfs are all long gone. In there place Islamic shools, mosque, and job search centre’s

Where have i come what have i done, this is Not the auburn i grew up in

I roll the window down,

The st that once smelt of jasmine, hair products, perfume blended with hamburgers, fish and chips is now blanketed over by kebabs, chicken, curry and rubbish.

Where have i come, what have i done, this isn’t the Same auburn i grew up in, it looks different, it smells different.

Where the shops end, We reach the set of lights, turning right onto Beatrice st.

“i went to school here” i say half heartdly as we drive pass reaching the round about.

we turn left onto park rd, further along on the left the servo is still here, so is the convenience store and the butchers across it… All The writings on The awnings are In Arabic

“Keep going , at the lights we turn right” i say softly

At the intersection of Park and Chiswick rd the lights are red

Joe’s grocery store is still here, only now its called Beladana, looking right my eyes light up ‘o cool dr lum and dr chums surgery stayed

As The lights turn green, Gary veers right,

Slow down, left here’ i say nervously,

All the houses are the same , The lawns are nicely trimmed and there’s Jenny and Robin on their verandah,

just here on the right, the brick house” i say nervously

as gary drives into the drive way my dog runs out yelping with excitement waging his tail followed by my parents.

Where the nun’s gone?

Woman in borques ,men in white gowns walk the streets

The only bookstore in replace of the dissappeared Manchester shop is called albahri Islamic bookstore

A mosque is being built where the fire station use to be

The squash centre, now an Islamic shool

Eateries with names like maddo, merhaba, vatan, dunya, line the streets.

Auburn,,, is it the new epicentre of Islam?

Im told, the Baptist church is still here so is the orthodox Russian one

There is the Indian temple down on Cumberland rd and st joseph’s on Wellington rd on Sunday mornings still lively.

Where Have I Come What Have I done?

My Pass Is Here, I’ll adapt to My future like I Did to The past I left behind That was My future.

Auburn, where religion, races, ragers and rebels meet.

I know what ive done, I know where I’ve come.

I am Auburn, and Auburn is me.