Endeavour Sports High School, 2013, Student 'Disappearing' Poems

Endeavour Sports High School, 2013 – Student 'Disappearing' poems
She to Mum
by Sharmaine A.
Sitting on her bed,
thinking about all the memories
you shared when you were younger
But that’s disappeared,
it’s all changed.
Taken away by you
six months old, she was,
father thrown behind bars
you dealing drugs
A lot on her mind,
she cries at night.
You’re slowly disappearing to her
She’s getting older now
living with different people
She’s a dancer, your little girl…
is a dancer…
She misses you
No longer in contact
with you or her real family
You start losing sight
going blind in your mind
There’s no more time
She’s gone
out of your sight
by Anon
Her name is Fraser
so beautiful and natural
her white sand shores
and crystal blue sea
However, they don’t see her beauty
they cut her
step on her
destroying her
allowing her to perish
The foreign plants suffocate
the red gums and pandanus
trees that inhabit her,
they don’t belong here
they are not from here
They’ve driver away the
majestic birds that would
soar over her waters
and the animals that
once roamed in and around the
She is fading
but eventually will disappear.
Beauty Lost
By Chelsea C.
His breath tightening,
Gills closing
His environment
Family contracting
Why won’t they stay away?
its glistening waters,
its variety of species
swimming through its
How is this possible?
My range of species fading
My varieties deteriorating
Why must they disturb
our peace
Just keep me clean at
by Carmen A.
Dear memories,
Please don’t fade away.
Let me remember
All the good…and all the bad.
Old age, I blame you!
If I could turn back Time;
write down my story,
I’ll do just that!
But memories. where have you gone?
I am slowly forgetting…and you are slowly leaving…
So don’t rob me of my wisdom
So don’t leave me in the Dark!
Give me light, give me guidance!
Give me hope, give me love!
Must I suffer tenfold the torture of angel trapped in Hell.
by Marissa
How majestic it be
Never-ending beauty surrounds me
I saw from the corner of my eye
Her resounding structures’ rise
All around me, a dying glory smiles
An overwhelming sense of jealousy sinks me
I want to soar and mount over all
And just like that, she looks like me
All powerful and fresh on the sea
She’s a temple of hope and passion for some
A history of unique architecture for others
For me she is a target
so vulnerable
Yet sympathy crashes over me like a roaring wave
and I let it climb victoriously
But I am a ruler of the waters
and must live up to my ancestors
So I use my powers, and pour in her life
all the gems of the sea in sparkling showers
Her palaces are crumbling to shore
The beauty still is there
and fifty thousand humans sing her name
Towers fall,
arts fade,
but nature does not die
People will never forget how Venice once was dear
She is the pleasant place of all festivities
The revel of the earth,
the mask of Italy.
by Bianca S.
They used to be able to walk through me
a scared spider strolling through my feet
a beautiful butterfly hovering over my head
People admiring me, but some destroying me
I am a wonder of beauty getting torn to pieces,
I support my humans and pets,
and I get nothing in return, besides smoke
All my pets cry
as the humans try
to kill me.
My pets praying to be able to breed,
failing, as they are unable to feed
I am alone, no one wants to save me,
or let me be free.
They want paper to scribble on,
they want money to spend
Little do they know,
they are slowly killing a friend.
The water I drink
turning to salt
making me sick
They think I am the one at fault.
Money, success, power
all I need is a flower
to keep me alive
as I come crashing down slowly.
They throw me in my water
drowning me,
making me suffer.
My body is my truck
my pets
my water
all crashing down.
I am the lungs
all the humans that are destroying me
don’t realise
I’m keeping them alive.
My spider
my butterfly
my frog
burnt in the flames below me.
I am the rainforest
that is keeping you alive
helping you to survive.
I am the Amazon.
by Metika
An inviting smile
you can see for a mile.
Big, blue eyes, long lashes.
Bright lights at night that flash.
Luna Park just for fun.
See the sign and all the kids run.
Years of fun before
that fateful night.
What a fright to
see that sight;
when the ghost train
went up in smoke.
Years have passed.
Refurbished at last.
Luna Park
oh what a blast!!
by Tony V.
There is no one buzzing past him
Or bouncing into anyone.
The Sea reflected light like crystals.
The sky looked like an empty blue bowl
with no wind whistling past him.
Scent of flowers and freshly cut grass
caught his nostrils.
Hopping of kangaroos started
to echo in his ears.
He felt he was in a dream world.
He sees a range of wrecked vessels
left behind…
They were once a captain’s hope, pride.
Skies changed into a mixture of vibrant
Wind started to pick up its pace…
It was getting chilly as he sat
beside a blaze.
He decided to take some rest
as the stars twinkled in the night sky.
by Stephen H.
I am an Island, slowly drowning by my
only surroundings. Forlorn I was, abandoned
and left like the Titanic to be
banished to crevices
within its depths. My people seemed to
stop noticing that I am dying, but
now I guess that is between you
and me. I am the glorious city of Venice
slowly losing my presence. By the
time you read this message I will be over
come by the everlasting rising sea…
by Georgia
It’s gone,
I don’t think it’ll come back
all of this destruction has taken it
it doesn’t want to come back
all those words,
they hurt me so much.
they don’t know what it does to me,
it’s all becoming too much
my mother looks into my eyes
in the hope I’ll stop crying
but I don’t
the tears just won’t stop
my skin hurts
but my heart is hurting more
the insides of my eyes burn
I can’t keep them open anymore
nobody’s gonna come to solve
I scream but no words will
come out
all those names are rushing
through my head
they won’t leave me alone
they’re the demons here to
ruin me
yet they already have
my sister hurts with me
but she feels no pain.
she tells me to block out the sound
but it pierces my eardrums too
loud for me to bare
they make me crumble
I am at breaking point
I’m scared
scared of myself
my reflection haunts me
what they’re saying
is it really true?
the answer will always be there
but was it?
I think I found a light,
just that slight glimmer
of relief
she knows me,
she understands me
she will not judge me
she doesn’t hurt me
they are no longer here
they gave up on me
I can smile now
knowing that I’m safe
I haven’t heard them for
a while,
they have disappeared
But for how long?
by Josh
The wind lashes against my bare chest
The sea chips away at my shaking legs.
But I stand strong
giving the last of my withering energy
Even though I am giving it all
I can’t stand any longer
Waiting, waiting for the final blow,
the one that will finish me forever
All I calm, all is safe now.
The distant stars now illuminations
the night sky.
As I watch from above I see
12 remnants of me standing.
I am like a phoenix reborn again in the ashes of defeat
but it is not me now, it is my children.
The Guardian Angel is what I now
The watcher. Protector.
Hours, days, months, years
pass. That day, the death but
bringing now 7 icons. We
were 12, but now 7. We are
disappearing, falling, fading
away. One day we will be the
memories. The Guardian Angel, the watcher,
the protector.
The Reef
by Anon
Sun beats down on my clear waters
A forest of green sways beneath the surface
Darting between reef they swim
Until those creatures come
With googly eyes and enormous feet
They disrupt the peace below
A flash which leaves them blinded
The pointing
The touching
Won’t they just leave me alone?
Finally their spaceship leaves
And what is left behind
Is broken glass, wilted life
Yet all is still
Until they come tomorrow