Dirt Tracks in the City – Jiahui Wu

Reflection slanted mirror in car see going fast pedestrians parrots fog won’t leave black as wood and grasses root in sorrow that was yesterday today heart in peace resemble feast and toast calm and thick and moist wearing white as angels dream in the sheets first entrance leg and rolled up crossed and sipping droop as sheoaks do arid no more budgies million strong desert no more faith to see in mirror no truth but picture of fallacy being picture it no longer flower phallus after leaves in sand hills dung and clearing clouds mid-day sun penetrates earth and ocean bitumen creek fallen olives and fires whipping pigface to charcoal in two thousand degrees still fog is lovely in winter no more seen all decay black and white fungus on trees magpie become no more a shadow only a form an ink outline still recover little life there is rhythm wait for you rolling a cigarette wait for me to explode this time not boat that ania said promised returned green on the cover and given as paper floating like lily next to a pair of jacana answer smile not the wintry lady nor Suzanne nor Marianne but voice singing in fog no horn blown no swear sworn no beaten no torn no bittern no bitter but your slender gaze tenderly look laughing at my refusal to change but changing reluctance and resistance and pulling closer slapped down into the bed as promised next set straight the crooked leg the crooked tongue the wasteful breath they promised to suspire no more hateful no more bountiful the stroll the clinging the distance you desire the closeness I set apart there without fog spotted or lemon-scented we couldn’t have known separateness the knitted mist and mythical in the blue dust blue grass blue as music going gray going groove and light shining gray and white the desolate rue and saturation drains out of sorrow out of ash the acid the placid the intrinsic decomposition come change the new the old the sudden the slow the clean-shaven the slovenly no need to wax no need to graze this is the season with green for all this is the mansion after crumble we build a composition of all critters all colours.