Death of the Milk Bar – Michaela Simoni

I stepped in

To have a cup of tea

Smell of cappuccino and raisin toast

Mingled with stubbed cigarettes

Here tables were bolted to benches and to the floor.

Land of lino

The table adorned with sugar, salt and pepper

And dusty plastic flowers


The sign behind the counter reads

Confectionaries, cigarettes and groceries

Yet the shelves are nearly empty.


The host a heavy built man

Sits eyes shut cigarette hanging from stained hand

A Fan desperately tries to change the air

But here the heat has decided to stay.

A land of chewing gum and hot chips

No health food dares to enter

No one hurries

The sound of some ‘ones paper turn.

Hushed by the fan.

I finished my tea. I become nostalgic

For this vanishing world.