Dapto High School, 2013 – Student Poems

by Tara S.
Shameful and scared, we hide in plain sight;
some of us more hurt than others by the stares
at our eyelashes, eyebrows, scalps, hair…
We pull and pull and pull,
we cannot stop.
Millions of us share this affliction,
yet I have not met a single other
who shares my horrible secret.
Make-up hides disappearing brows and receding hairlines
but we are still called selfish
for ‘choosing’ to lose it.
When will it grow back?
When will we stop?
When can we overcome this?
Sometimes it is just too difficult.
Our medications are sharpened brown pencils,
thick black gels,
long wigs
and fidgets.
There is no chemical cure –
only the strength of our will to
Fuelled by our fear
of losing it all.
Meanwhile our families ignore,
our friends avoid,
and fellow humans reject our plight.
This trichy business is complex
and our mania cannot be resolved…
at least not until trichotillomania is allowed.
by Tanniah K.
Laughter lost
Places where they tossed the abandoned
Where have all the children gone?
Day by day someone goes, yet you won’t
hear anyone mourn
Heaven takes a beautiful soul
without giving it a chance
Where have all the children gone?
Their life is taken without a warning
but no one cares, no one even stops
Things are disappearing but we don’t care enough to see.
Lavender Gardens
by Kelsey
flowers tall and strong
reach up to the sun
release their sweet scent.
allows beauty to enter the lives
of their admirers.
the fields of purple
stand through years of time
spreading joy to families, lovers,
children, brothers.
but the flowers, tall and strong,
now weaken and bend.
they sense
the storm rolling in
but cannot warn
those they love so much.
the fields of purple pale
as the sky grows darker still.
the rain patters down
and still their caretaker comes.
the old men, growing them so tenderly,
with love and respect and care.
the lavender garden
senses evil spirit,
screams to the caretaker but cannot
warn him of the danger.
flowers, not tall, not strong,
weep for their caretaker
as his blood soaks the earth.
by Tayla
Lazy lover, you said you’d come home.
Promises sworn on your grave.
We’ve become powerless like leaves in
the wind, stars in the night and the
dirt over the land. Come home,
there’s nowhere to run,
even my greatest rock isn’t safe.
Your ghost will forever hang over the
end of my bed.
Liar, you were wrong. Again, strung
out, Don’t turn to run. I’m not a monster.
I’m not to be feared nor doubted.
I’ll haunt your dreams for only a
night. It’ll be okay, til the end of
by Ella C.
all around me were familiar faces
now most people, strangers
counting the people changed
that I once knew
The Ever-changing one
by Luke P.
I am the ever-changing one, life on me
is so much different since the dawn of
the first day. I am getting older and
struggling to sustain and provide for the
needs of others, for those others are
rejecting me and treating me like the very
rubbish that they make. They mock me.
Life has advanced but I’m the victim
because of it. Things that they have never
noticed before are disappearing in front of
their eyes never to be remembered for
eternity. It is not in my power to bring them
back, they are lost.
The Lost Girl
by Maddie
Losing my mind before my time, please
let me rewind, ‘cause you are mine.
I am cruel and it’s a sign as
blood drips from the body of shame
and the broken-hearted are filled with
pain, she draws a line and said it’s fine. To hang
the rope way up high, to reach
the heavens above the sky. There
she places her soft fragile neck
in the rope of hope and darkness, forever
alone, forgotten. Her scars
and bruises still remain clear as day,
they are the ones who made
her this way.
The parents have no shame ‘cause
they believe she’s to blame.
She knows it’s all part of
the game. She plays by their rules
knowing its cruel to twist the
rules. They punish her and cheat
their way to make sure she may
never regain her trust.
They lock her up in black
roses and poisonous thorns, forever
alone she grows, to warn
her foes that she’s
held tight in the hands of God.
by Bridget
She laughed, she talked, she cried
she is     she was     she died
They ignored the things that
I was hearing and slowly
she was disappearing

Everyone watched her sat
there as she quickly fell but
she was wearing a disguise
so nobody could tell
Everyone blames themselves
I guess it’s kinda true. They
left her, she had no one to help
her through
She disappeared that night
and wasn’t her time to go
Another lonely soul we were blinded
too, yet how are we to know?
We ask ourselves now
how did we not hear? Why
we ask? We are fuelled with fear
We should be filled
with fear because she wasn’t
the first and won’t be last
to disappear
to this illness so blinding
So easy to see through
The illness is depression
and its brought on by you
Disappear, Memories
by Marija
Childhood goes,
elders die, babies are born.
Small towns are gone,
bigger cities are built.
Life changes all the time.
Memories come in many ways,
some good, some bad.
Other are kept in your heart.
They’re unforgettable.
by Athena W.
crumbling cracks
and tightening threads
time passes by
but still I dread
those hurtful words of which you said
a joke
a fake
a creep
the lot
you may have disappeared
but your words will not
by Hunter
When all green is gone
and dirt is grey will then
we stay away from Nature?
When all animals are poisoned
and every tree is cut down
will we stay away from Nature?
The animals play today, tomorrow
no more. The sun rising on an
open paddock soon to be torn.
The world will forever change
and we have little power. Today
we change, tomorrow we regret.
The building of a society.
Every miner thinks we can
survive on coal and copper. Its
funny now, isn’t it, they have
ripped up moist soil for this,
sold their home in Nowra for
this. Ploughing through the lush ground
bound for what they call ‘life’.
The trains pass the parked
cars as the rain beads down
them. The gas pollutes the
air forcing fresh air
to move from this land.
Our land.
The moon moves among the ghostly
clouds floating through the noon
sky. Pink and yellow clouds colour
the sky from the clear sunset
draining light from the bare
fields, revealing the galaxy.
A key to another world is
created now and forever.
by Taleisha
I take one breath and step away
I say goodbye, never to see you again
Once upon a time we were close as can be, but
now we’re drifting further away
We used to sing, dance and play, shared
secrets that were never told again
but now those memories are no more
You would hold my hand when trouble
always caught me, but now I feel
like a puppet with no
puppeteer to hold me
The bond we had is no more, you used
to say never let go of the past
and hold on to all of the
memories, cause that is the greatest
treasure of all
by Samantha A.
it all started off as a bit of a taunt,
they took it too far, made her
get to this point. they pushed and they
shoved her, they made her feel down.
her beautiful laugh once heard
everyday, now that laugh’s in the shadows,
hiding away. she used to ignore them,
just walked away, but the words got to
her eventually, made her fade.
now she sits in the corner, scared and
alone, just waiting for that bell to
ring so she can go home, and when
she gets home she pulls out her blade
imprints it into her skin and hopes
it will all fade away…
she’s falling in and out of consciousness
but then someone pulls her back.
She looks them in the eyes
whispers so soft, ‘why would
you do that, I was so close to gone’
and the person whispers back with
a raspy yet soft voice, ‘your time
is not up, your time will eventually
come but it should not be by
choice, I know how you feel
and I’m going to help you right
the day that he saved her
reignited her spark, pulled
her right back, back from the
by Emma K. M.
You were here, now you
are gone. What happened to
the wonderful life you had
amongst all the treasures you
kept, all the time you spent
wondering how you could
change the world?
Your life was special as
you floated in thin air,
passing through disasters among
us, then capturing all of
the great memories that this
world has had. When you
went on not worrying
about what you should
do while praying that
this world will get better soon.
Good bye for now and forever.
by Chloe
Trees are disappearing
from where the sun once shone
The birds aren’t singing
for they are all gone
Shadows are looming
from tall buildings standing strong
I cant help but wonder
where we all went wrong
by Rhianna
I was happy with friends
Mum & Dad started yelling at me
they said something about attitude
no dinner for me.
judgement, never happy with just me,
always have to be better
never good enough
low confidence
too sad
never good enough
by Anonymous
storm after storm we are shifting
navigation by numbers
dissolved behind nuclear clouds
dreams were never made of
by Tiegan
I hear a metallic clang,
a warning to me for when the door swings open.
‘Get in!’ a voice growls.
I can just distinguish the guard’s shadow
as he shoves a feeble figure
into my cell.
A new inmate.
‘What did you do?’
I say, barely a whisper.
There is a shuffling sound
followed by a silence.
I turn away from the feeble outline.
They all do something.
I wake up during the night,
cold sweat runs down my face,
down my neck, down my legs.
That is when I hear it again.
The screaming.
The long, desolate shriek
that echoed in my dream.
I glance to my left,
peering through darkness
and see my inmate has vanished.
Gone. Then again, they all do that.
So did the silent boy.
I add him to my list
of execution on arrival.
It makes me wonder what they all did.