Confederacy of Crabs – Patricia Jones

Autumn unfolds her web grey cloak
On the rim of the sea /a rippling movement begins
The confederacy of crabs begin their merry meetings/
In sheer delight of sand sea and light.
Gulls turn their heads anticipating flight
All listen all watch
As the sun moves silently away
And winter sits seemingly made of stone
To walk barefoot on the earth
And claim it for her own/
A sigh is on the wind
We feel the symphony begin
The walze of the seasons
There are blue streets in the night.
And in the distance a love torn violin( VIOLIN IN)
Softly  bows “ Beguine the Beguine’
There is a trickster/ a magician and a clown
In all things noble and profound.
               VIOLIN SOLO ONE PHRASE.
All seasons pass, all loves, sorrow and pain
Only the mystic smile of life remains
and still the confederacy of crabs moves on
Leaving their scribblings in the sand,
Knowing the rush of tides turning/ ocean’s bluff/
Rage of wind.
Will leave no trace of where they have been.
“ and the moving finger writ
and having writ moves on
nor all your piety or wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line”