Collage Poems – Camden High School, Crookwell High School & Moss Vale High School

by Ellie T.
A fire-trail of hot blood falling across
the boy’s face; fractured communities
are forced to leave at all costs
gun to temples.
In Our Memory
by Abbey C.
Waves of roads and highways
swept towards oblivion.
The boy faces a perilous horizon,
clear and simple.

Across the cities they come,

like migrant bodies
into maps of fractured communities.
Before dawn, each soul is asleep
and shouldn’t be disturbed.

The stars are not alone.
The boy dreams of foreign docks

and transit cities,
memories forced to leave.

by Georgia M.
The children falling through the sky
shout in infinity, He is not alone!

He carved the cities into maps,

yearning for the gun to disappear.
The boy can still feel
the hot blood between his teeth,
missing the times of sugar and dreams.
Moments of Pause
by Sienna

Cramped with grand hope
but faced with a threatening death,
bulldozers clear the tunnels
staring figures in hardhats.
by Sienna

There are lights in our hearts
and lights in our hands.

Distance of past pain
and history written in lines.
by Tiarne W.

The boy lights his sisters.
He is all alone.
He disappears into the horizon,
their names were not known.
The moon guides each soul,
forcing them in waters.

The boy meant to leave the waves

with passing memories.

by Samantha C.

There are lights in our hearts,
clear and simple.
Squeeze out the light

and walk the forest of absence
the trees of distance and pain.
I walk among roses,
and life is returning
to the light again
by Jessica W.
Dreams are fragile and wild like the soul
between breath like falling dawn.
A lone candle lights a fire-trail
blasting behind the faces of memories
infinity before they pass the glinting moon
caught words like want to shout
hot blood gun teeth and the forest
you don’t stir.
by Charlotte F.
a candle will never burn out
a horizon. In our hearts
millions of connecting stars
the moon will disappear and re-appear
the perfume of memories
history in letters written
dreams are fragile
He lights a candle.
by Matt F.
The bodies burn
hearts later dust
pain and torture.
torture and death
they call it: Peace Villa
Their tears fell
torn apart
by evil hands
by Gabrielle H.
In our hearts,
history is written
clear and simple.
Again see the light
among the trees of distance and pain.
Over and over
freeze them in their tracks
as if they have never left,
There I fell into tears
by Brock S.
Time travelling we watch the motorways change cramped
and somehow bare and more exposed the illusion
of the hidden from tranquility flying high
past the distant empire vivid
secrets betrayed in the sensory detail threatens
to swallow it whole
Inside the walls scream
stories of countless faces
The Disappearing Suite
by Kim C.
They hover on the edges,
between forgetting and remembering.
with their ghost-scent,
their breath of silence,
so quietly that it feels
somehow bare
completely gone
by Alicia L.
time is falling
you feel rounded edges somewhere in an infinity
whipbirds graze the cow’s soft belly
they still hover in the distant hilly scrub
vanishing, their bodies with a thud
Over the fresh absence they hover freely
Time Somehow Travelling
by Anthony W.
Time somehow travelling blasting hardhats in the garden
cockatoos watch the motorways flying high
vivid white and yellow elements of urban dream
the landscape of steel and concrete
A row of golden arches
as we change our destination
back to the peering doorstep
Life and death
by Sam D.
Somehow time observes death
travelling past vivid faces
flying exposed and bare
as ghosts give way to golden change
A new dream intertwined
in reflections hidden distant
in a cramped open space
yearning for a destination
by Kooper S.
stand out somewhere in infinity, feel their voices washing over you
the echo of your absence haunts the yearning earth
at the end of the poem you’re gone, and I want to shout at you
by Gemma
The countryside is a space of silence
where dreams and images wake.
by Caitlin S.
The blackened soul
lights among the trees will never burn out
it is the forest of distance pain and death.
memories of those who disappeared are in our hearts
the voices of the lost haunting our dreams
dreams and poetry
by Bri
I walk among missing spaces on the horizon.
I take one of millions of the stars and oblivion
The moon sown from afar, I squeeze out light
I plant dreams in memory.
by Kate R.
They disappeared so quietly
forgotten and lost
leaving only a trail,
straight into the afterlife
by Anonymous
strange dreams touch the boy
he will not wake
languages flourishing the orphans black memory
disappearing echoes tremble
still alive yet dreaming the dead.
by Anonymous
advancing humanity writing in a book of their disappearing,
memories fading, haunting life gone.
by Anonymous
so quietly they start fading
All of a Sudden
They are gone
they are lost
They have disappeared out of your life
by Anonymous
The letters of poetry are fragile dreams
flourishing lights to guide a million candles
to their former home
by Anonymous
They hover on the hour
memory returns, washing over the absence
still alive with the faint haunting of the words forget and remember