wilderness – Claire Albrecht

we have a ‘wilderness’ here in tighes hill
synonyms wasteland, barrens
though it’s anything but;
barely even a hill let alone
a ‘wilderness’, god,
it’s just a collection of
native scrub, introduced weed,
wetland, puddles and dirt
into chaos –
an urban ecosystem
where I always figure I’ll
find my dog
if he runs away
(you know,
communing with nature?),
chasing angry plovers
hunting for snipe
skinks darting across his toes,
and yes once I heard
a girl was assaulted,
ambling along there after dark
(but where are we
ever safe?),
and yes once it housed fuel tanks
for the trains, and
sure the creek smells
when the tide is down
and skeletons of drowned
trolleys float to the surface,
but it’s our ‘wilderness’
synonyms no-man’s-land, back country
what am I talking about
they bulldozed the lot
ages ago,
never mind.